That's It, That's All.

That's It, That's All.

Dedicated to everything snowboarding, Travis Rice and a dream team crew set out on a seek-and-destroy operation for the new zone, the new trick and the new perspective on the sport. New ...

Dedicated to everything snowboarding, Travis Rice and a dream team crew set out on a seek-and-destroy operation for the new zone, the new trick and the new perspective on the sport. New ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guillaume H (kr) wrote: The narration is beautifully paced, every scene counts. The contrast of horror and beauty stuns but never through shock, always in respect, the simple grace of evidence. Its lyrical without losing itself in melodrama, brutal without falling into the obvious trap of horror for the sake of it (as it would have been so easy to do). This director has shed light and given shape to a tale that will last.

Chyenne M (it) wrote: It's a really good crossover the three best series of Yu-Gi-Oh! yet. My only complaint is that the movie felt really short and kinda rushed with the main villian Paradox being pretty easy once Yugi, Jaiden, and Yusei got around his Malefic cards.

Screen S (br) wrote: Great shots and scenery with a story stumbling around from time to time.

Jonathan K (de) wrote: Can I get an ending???????

Sanna R (it) wrote: Soundtrack vailla vertaa!:)

David T (br) wrote: A flick about taking initiative and self-destructive tendencies (in a social/emotional sense) however turns into a portrayal of doing whatever you want (to/with whoever you want) without dealing with any real consequences.

Donna A (it) wrote: [font=Comic Sans MS][size=4][color=darkorchid]I didn't dislike this movie. It wasn't well acted for having some top notched actors. But the movie was interesting in the fact it was about people over the age of 65, after the death of their spouses, finding themselves and in some cases finding a new romance. I like that it shows that romance isn't dead after 40. There is this negativity about growing old. You see the bad side of it. But rarely you see the good side of growing older. I am glad at lest this movie showed that.[/color][/size][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][size=4][color=#9932cc]Donna A.[/color][/size][/font]

David W (us) wrote: The revival of Bond (Again), Goldeneye spawns Pierce Bronsnan as his best with a awesome video game to back up the incredible action

Nick M (kr) wrote: "I was frozen today!"

bill s (ca) wrote: Entertaining enough to warrant a second viewing.

Tim M (au) wrote: Goofy acting, lame music, it's the 80's alright.

Richard D (es) wrote: Young Effi Briest marries an older man and moves to a small town. It's not a particular happy marriage, and she forms a close friendship with an associate of her husband Major Crampus. Years later, after moving to Berlin, letters surface that lead her husband to believe that there was an illicit affair between them. A fairly deliberately confounding film, even for Fassbinder. It's told in a fairly oblique style with several key scenes happening off screen, and is interspersed with narration, on screen captions and a lot of novelistic devices. It's a long film that consists mainly of sets of characters talking in carefully arranged, static shots. Most of these conversations don't really drive the plot. That may sound like I disliked the film, but I was really quite taken with it.

Dave H (ag) wrote: need to see all the carry on films still.

Broken Hearts And Sorrow (jp) wrote: A great classic about a cult of chainsaw weilding hookers... Starring one of my favorite scream queens "Linnea Quigley"

Ahmed M (ag) wrote: This movie struggles in the only one aspect it had to care most about, comedy, barely any of the scenes are funny, whereas the rest of the movie couldn't even be saved by Kevin Spacey.

Paris M (jp) wrote: Boring and ridiculous.

Chris B (fr) wrote: Your standard late 80s early 90s Rom Com. It's funny how the technology we take for granted now is the main focus of the whole film. Good performances from both main leads but are let down by the supporting cast who come across as not real people.