That's What She Said

That's What She Said

Longtime best friends Bebe and DeeDee are both wrestling with love. Bebe has met someone new and is in the exuberant phase of a budding romance. DeeDee is trying to move on from someone she can’t forget – mostly in destructive ways. As Bebe waits for the perpetually late DeeDee at their favorite coffee shop, she meets Clementine, a distraught young woman with love problems of her own. With Clementine in tow, Bebe and DeeDee soon embark on the kind of outrageous misadventure that only New York City can offer.

Bebe and DeeDee, best friends with different relationship problems, embark on a New York City misadventure with their new acquaintance, Clementine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerod M (de) wrote: Fascinating, eye opening and terrifying. A must see.

Philip B (fr) wrote: Terrible! Bad acting, the woman is always panting and miserable, the killer does not fit the role he looks like he belongs in a romance, the choreography was crap! And the story line was pointless! A killer chases a girl thats just about the whole movie summed up for you. Save your time and money dont bother...

David S (mx) wrote: Decent war film, but not in my favorites

Keith R (de) wrote: Who wouldn't want to live a life as full or as wonderful as Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins).For anyone middle-aged and upwards, you'll probably get it, for anyone younger, you may not. No offence. For any father with daughters (even one), who wouldn't want a beautiful relationship like Bill has with Susan, his youngest.A moving story, beautifully told by Director Martin Brest and superbly acted by Hopkins, Pitt and Forlani.I am moved to tears by Parrish's huge character every time we watch it.

Aaron B (kr) wrote: This movie seemed to foreshadow the dreck to come from Chevy Chase in the 1990's and beyond. It's like Chase can either be in classics (Fletch, Vacation, Caddyshack), or crap (Vegas Vacation, Modern Problems).

Jennie R (jp) wrote: Historians would like this most. They rest of us: no. It was bor-bor-boring. It was cool to see all these major actors as much younger adults. That was about it. Two hours and twelve minutes. Too dreadfully long.

Ice R (kr) wrote: Pretty good drama and Hayward is fantastic.

Carlos M (es) wrote: This is certainly not a comedy (the sense of humor doesn't work that well), and I found it sad and depressing, contrary to those who thought it was sweet and optimistic. Besides, the characters seem too shallow in their artificial indie quirkiness and the dialogue is very annoying.

Chris N (nl) wrote: good and cause i like dc movies and superheroes