That Sounds Good

That Sounds Good

That Sounds Good is a romantic comedy that takes you on a journey with two girls, one guy, and their complicated love triangle through the magnificent landscapes of three countries: Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. When Soontri and Ter, two clumsy girls- one with thick glasses, the other with a hearing aid- meet a traveler named Somchun while on a trip to Vietnam, they soon realize that they are both smitten with him. As Somchun is more interested in Ter, the friendship between the two girls begins to get complicated.

That Sounds Good is a romantic comedy that takes you on a journey with two girls, one guy, and their complicated love triangle through the magnificent landscapes of three countries: ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol S (de) wrote: A quiet, subtle, riveting film very well cast.

Magnus S (jp) wrote: Been done on endless occasions but still a solid boxing movie.

Ben C (es) wrote: This is a great coming-of-age movie. Genuinely funny and poignant.

Joseph B (it) wrote: I wish I could un-see this film. There was nothing good or funny about the film. I wouldn't make my worst enemy watch this film...

Farah R (ca) wrote: Very entertaining and action packed. It's good to see Mel Gibson star in a watchable movie every once in a while.

Ben E (mx) wrote: A missed opportunity. What could have been a fresh, interesting and fun movie quickly turns to a dull mess that drags on well past its welcome. It's just poorly made and written. There is no heart.

Brian G (de) wrote: really a great short film kind of sad yet inspiring, great animations, really creative and a bit funny

Citien P (au) wrote: Predictable, schmaltzy and clunky. Probably Boorman's weakest effort.

Carlos G (au) wrote: Estas particulares historias de Almodvar...

Cody C (jp) wrote: Pretty horrible. But a weird part of me is nostalgic for old white dude movies of the mid 90's

Jennifer R (us) wrote: I really liked this movie, it tore at my heartstrings. Good acting by a very young cast. Will be worth buying let alone seeing.

gerardo r (us) wrote: The sequel to the originally popular offbeat comedy with Clint Eastwood. Like the first one, this is not a classic film. It is a slow paced, thin plot film playing as much music as it can throughout the film. It is infused with country songs and themes and is not meant to be an edge of your seat film, but a film you sit back on a lazy day and let it roll. The humor is more low brow than the first one. I might even describe this as a collection of SNL type skits. The fights are not realistic, but the audience's penchant for street fights make the film a macho fantasy. Again, if you enjoy Eastwood's tough as nails characters, he holds the film together. Otherwise, there is no other reason to look up this film. In this sequel, some wanna be mafia leader wants to set up a fight that gets him noticed and they find Philo to set up the fight. When Philo backs out, the mafia steps it up to make sure he shows up. The humor continues with the orangutan's antiques, the mother's cantankerous personality, the wanna be motorcycle gang and inept mafia group. The final fight sequence sets up for a classic Eastwood scene. The film is an exercise in satire or a celebration of society's view of what it means to be an alpha male, the top dog, where toughness and violence determine the standard. Again, it is a piece that reminds the viewer of times past and cannot transcend its origins.

Debbie P (it) wrote: "Creature from the Haunted Sea" is a Roger Corman from the early 1960's. This is one of the campiest films I've seen yet (and that's not altogether a bad thing). Two of the characters make animal noises, one woman shows up out of nowhere on a deserted island, and the "creature" reminds me of a shag carpet that is in bad need of washing, and the googily eyes are so funny. I loved the ending. A must see for all those who love the B-movies....

Sumanjit R (es) wrote: This may surprise you but "The Housemaid" is superbly made. Wow, the cinematography was absolutely gorgeous; excellent camerashots riddled all over this film. It's so sublime in fact that it leaves room for this movie to be identified as an art-house movie, but sadly, there isn't much to the movie except for eerie and surprising perversion, sickening revenge, and a twisted narrative.It's funny because everything about the movie shouts "true filmmaking". Nevertheless, the narrative simply touches upon the characters' struggles and that's it. This movie isn't here to teach people not to do certain things and it isn't here to thematically stir audiences emotions; this movie is simply here to tell its narrative, which is much of the case for a profuse amount of Korean films, but ever more so with "The Housemaid". Once the credits roll, it seems nothing more than just a shallow but twisted movie that is easily forgotten except for its credible filmmaking craftsmanship.So if its absolutely devoid of any substance aside from the production value, how is "The Housemaid"'s narrative? Is it entertaining? I guess so. It's gonna give you thrills, chills, and tension. It's also gonna give you strange goosebumps and surprises not because it's a great horror flick, but because of the audacious and extremely black raw sexuality that it throws viewers. C'mon now... it's almost like a cheap scare. Throw in some taboo-breaking content and you got yourself a shocking movie. That to me, is cheap. It draws you, but I was certainly squirming in my seat -- not cause I'm a pansy, but how deep "The Housemaid" chooses to let characters get sucked into a pitch black world of lies, deceit, hatred, and sexuality.At the end of the day, "The Housemaid" is a stylish but extremely raw sexual movie. It's a movie about sex. That's about it. You think "Black Swan" was raw? LOL "The Housemaid" is stomping all over it, and its all its got: Mesmerizing cinematography and a taboo-shattering narrative. I ain't saying this is a bad movie but it's certainly not even close to what I would enjoy.

Chris B (fr) wrote: "Kansas City Confidential" is a low budget B-grade film noir that holds up quite well 60 years after it's theatrical release. This is certainly a film that fans of film noir will appreciate and should enjoy. While this isn't at the level of some of the genre's greats, it is a fun and entertaining look into a heist that is pulled off but filled with several twists and crosses. The acting is a little over the top at times and too staged, but overall holds together to not make the film unintentionally humorous. At the time of it's release, "Kansas City Confidential" was one of the most brutal and violent crime films to ever be committed to film.

Dan K (es) wrote: A great biography. Didn't know who the father of punk funk.

Patrick T (nl) wrote: There's barely anything about Son of Sam in this film, and a lot of what is there is inaccurate.