That Summer of White Roses

That Summer of White Roses

World War II finally reaches a Yugoslavian lake, where a lifeguard shelters a refugee and her son.

It's the last summer of the Second World War in Yugoslavia, but so far nothing much of this has touched Andrea. He's the lifeguard who has never had to save a life and as such is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris G (ag) wrote: Amazing movie, hands down one of the best I've seen in a long time.

Rohit S (gb) wrote: Interesting take on the Devdas story.SPOILER ALERT:I liked the alternate ending of having Devdas start on a path to recovery with Chanda.

Mike J (de) wrote: Textured and melodramatic, the food, the wine, ahem...the romance, so much unspoken drama occurs in the film and It never bombards you with what It wants you to feel. It lets you make up you own mind. Tilda Swinton is amazing as the emotionally stagnated Emma, who goes on a journey that leads to her world being turn upside down for the better. But with change comes a few unexpected repercussions. If you're offended by a little bit of sex, I recommend not watching this film, but honestly, I don't know why you would be, It's how you were made after all. The cinematography and music really sweeps you off your feet and you're so busy looking at how beautiful everything is, It might warrant a second viewing. Highly recommended.

Alejandro S (au) wrote: Es una gran lstima que este filme sea desconocido para la mayora del pblico, ya que es una impecable actuacin de Cillian Murphy, encarnando un personaje sumamente complejo. Aparte, fu el ltimo filme que edit Sally Menke antes de morir, ella fu editora flmica que no solo edit la Teenage Mutante Ninja Turtles original, sino que fu la editora de todos los filmes de Quentin Tarantino hasta Inglorious Basterds. El trabajo de editaje definitivamente ayuda a lograr mostrar la muy inusual historia. Ellen Page y Susan Sarandon realizan un buen trabajo de apoyo, pero sin duda es Cillian Murphy el que se roba la pelcula. Creo que hubo gente que se obsesion demasiado en cuestionar la plausibilidad de la trama, y no apreciaron un guin interesante, excelentemente presentado. Hay gente que solo se quejan que una raz est fuera de la tierra y no llegan a subir la mirada y apreciar la grandeza del rbol. En mi opinin, este filme es un gran crdito a favor de Cillian Murphy y esencial para quienes deseen ver el potencial de su trabajo como actor. Altamente recomendada.

Ruth T (au) wrote: If you like scary movies...don't see this! It sucked! Watch the "episode" of Ghost Adventures on the Goldfield hotel instead. This movie was full of bad acting and retarded ghosts.

QaweeWey W (au) wrote: Shiuk Ne Ceritanya Ah, Cuba Kamu Liat!!! Michael Jackson Kaliah Belakon...

Rachel M (fr) wrote: ? oh, look at the bodies (George Clooney & John Krasinski), (they) work out! they are handsome and they know it. ? LOL

Frances H (br) wrote: Wonderful film about the role of song in protesting the most racially brutal regime ever to exist against a majority native population, with only perhaps the exception of the eradication of native Americans in the United States, and blacks in the American South.

travon r (de) wrote: one of my favorite childhood movies today its a guilty pleasure

Dave F (ru) wrote: This is a very good adaptation of a part of John Irving's fine novel, 'A Prayer for Owen Meany'. I enjoyed the book and the movie. The critics are way too harsh, this film is well worth your time.

Tero H (ca) wrote: The movie touches on issues regarding the preservation of nature, the misuse of natural resources and native american people. Quite impressive considering the themes of many films where Seagal has been in, which are about war, assassination, covert operations or just plain violent behavior suppressing more violent behavior. The music is cool, there is a song 'Under the Same Sun' by the Scorpions, the vistas and natural scenery are very impressive and there are lots of action scenes. In the action scenes I could spot Aikido movements such as Ikkyo, Tenchi-nage, Kote-gaeshi, locks and some Jo techniques.. steelpipe was used inventively as a Jo but the principles were the same. This presence of Aikido used as defensive measure is not often seen in films. Some of the sound effects applied in the action scenes are ridiculous, and some lines, like those of the gasping sounds and awe of the background audience in the saloon scene, are simply silly and seem a bit too pre-planned and thus out-of-place. I was left with the impression that they were to create the impression how everyone knew what a bad dude Forrest was, but I think his martial arts skills were already more than enough to ensure the watchers of it.. The cast includes Michael Caine, Joan Chen, the director himself, Billy-Bob Thornton, Mike Starr and native actors. There is also a short scene where the director of 'Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back' Irvin Kershner appears. The only bad thing that lowered the rating is the same thing that always does that with Seagal films: gross language and the violent scenes. In his quest to destroy an oil rig of an 'evil' oil baron, he applies violence on innocent oil workers (meaning : he kills them brutally) - it seems kind of irresponsible after preaching about the harmony of nature et cetera. Corny and violent, although well filmed action movie. Seagal's directorial debut is actually ok, and tries to raise questions about the preservation of nature.

Brian B (es) wrote: I have no idea why but this movie was more moving and touching then your Uncle Oswalds drunken hands

Amanda M (ag) wrote: Actually sort of a mystery - unlike "Topper." Joan Blondell is pretty awesome in it and Billie Burke is great as usual.

Niclas H (nl) wrote: Lite mycket science fiction fr min smak.

Christina E (de) wrote: Not bad! This is what happens when you don't read the instructions. "It's just a game"...until someone gets hurt!