That Was Then... This Is Now

That Was Then... This Is Now

A delinquent teenager's only link to society is the attachment he feels towards an older brother-figure. When the older boy starts spending time with a new girlfriend, the teenager begins to feel even more alienated, and gets involved with drugs and the police.

Two juvenile delinquents find themselves growing apart, for one is growing up, and the other is staying young and reckless. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan J (mx) wrote: For kids who want a newer version of E.T. This wasn't bad, it just wasn't memorable.

Alison S (jp) wrote: One hour and fifty three minutes of my life I'll never get back.... horrid waste of time.

James H (jp) wrote: Completely pointless and unnecessary sequel to Walking Tall, which was a remake to begin with, not to mention the original had two sequels as well. Not very exciting, basically just a rehash of all the other Walking Tall movies.

Maymay A (es) wrote: It's not really smart despite trying, but I guess it will do okay as an entertaining thriller.

Graham P (fr) wrote: Stunning, completely absorbing, tough to watch at times piece of mastery.

Colin N (fr) wrote: I guess the only part of this that I remember and liked is that Johnny Depp is a detective who partakes in opium.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: I can remember watching this one a few years back and really being not impressed. However, I really couldn't remember a lot about it, so when I saw this as a free rental, decided I wound give it another go. I have to say it was nowhere near as bad as I remembered. It is a fairly subdued film, no one in it is terribly happy and added to that, it is set in the 50's. Not a great time for women, I would say. No wonder the 3 Abbott girls have issues! Liv Tyler is pleasant here, where Jennifer Connelly I found a little less so, but really she is not in it enough to matter. She's not awful, but I just don't buy her as that character. Joaquin Phoenix was the real surprise here. I am not generally a fan, but he nails it here. Quite compelling. I am thinking I will check out some other films he is in. Overall not one I would recommend chasing down, but not bad, and possibly just perfect viewing on an insomnia night, as it was for me, if you happen to catch it on tv.

Lindsay W (gb) wrote: A completely unneccessary sequel that feels like a grandparents' visit - it may be nice to see them, but it's ultimately dull and a little depressing. Added in is the tired plot of misguided scientists playing with powers beyond their understanding. Lacking the fun, upbeatness of the original, and with an inexcusable amount of plot holes, it's no surprise Ron Howard's name isn't on this one.

Eric V (kr) wrote: Citizens of Amity are again terrorized by a shark. This film's only redemption is that nearly the entire cast has returned. Otherwise, it's pretty standard horror fare.

Anna N (us) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

Julian A (kr) wrote: You cannot take anything away from this. Simply superb. Classic final shot - unbelievably moving, great artistry and integrity

Jordan P (mx) wrote: Esther Williams gets into a navy air force jacket and perches on a table for one of the most sexy pin-up poses of all time. What more needs to be said?

Hrant B (ru) wrote: John Moore did a horrible job yet again, his first disaster was Max Payne and now a franchise that I love. No script, bad premise and definitely not worth watching even with Bruce Willis as part of the characters of the film along with his son. Skip this one.

Timothy R (fr) wrote: After seeing 2 & 3, I vowed not to see Pirates 4. However, I succumbed. Chiefly because I wanted to go to the cinemas and had a free ticket and there was nothing better to see. I thought it would be ok. After all, this film didn't have Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightly. I had hopes that two wet rags would replace them and that the film would be a lot better than its two predeccessors. I was disappointed, twice. Firstly, there were no wet rags and secondly, the film was as dull as dog shit. Part of the reason is that there is no plot or character development. If you are making a film with a character in it for the 4th time, they need to develop and expand in some way. But no, it's just the same Jack Sparrow and Barbossa but worse, because they are riding on the coat tails of their success and originality of the first film but are falling far too short. The worst part is that I know I will go and see Pirates 5 when it comes out and I know that I will hate it.

Lady D (it) wrote: A timeless plot that somehow reminded me of Hitchcock's Rear Window. Strangely when checking the dates for the films, they were both released in the same year (I wonder if one influenced the other and if so in which order). Very much in the style of a Hitchcock film, conspiracy, fear, cover has it all.