Thatsamayam Oru Penkutty

Thatsamayam Oru Penkutty


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Thatsamayam Oru Penkutty torrent reviews

David H (ag) wrote: This movie has all star cast, I am glad to add to my collection

Casey B (de) wrote: Nearly a perfect film if not for bits of excess.

Jacynthe G (nl) wrote: je les sur vhs enregistrer sur Le chanell V au qubec jai toujour aimer ce film!

MICHAEL B (mx) wrote: too long, wanted less of the storytelling

Erick F (gb) wrote: I thought this movie started with a lot of potential, but it really got stupid fast. All these years, I would always see it mentioned, and finally decided to buckle down and watch, and was disappointed it. It tried being part Disney movie/part psycho-thriller/part practical horror/part I don't know what the fuck. Don't watch it, unless you just want to notch another movie on your belt. OK concept, poor execution.

Nicky S (kr) wrote: A very good, high-quality, often witty movie with great, likable, funny characters, lots of good lines, and a great story. This kind of movie is hard to evaluate - it's not exactly a comedy, but not quite a drama either. It covers both serious topics (like the decline of serious journalism), but also has a major love story/triangle. This film also is hard to rate. It definitely is a very high quality, serious film that has no tacked-on happy endings and lovey-dovey, shamelessly positive plot twists. It tells a very believable, good story. However, the love story part is a bit too gooey and even a little bit (but not a whole lot) corny to make this a really great film like, say, Network. There's also other things that don't make this one of the great movies, but some of the scenes, such as Tom's special report scene, are pure genius. Overall, an excellent, very high-quality film, but not a classic.

Stuart K (it) wrote: A classic old Ealing comedy made during their golden era. They'd just come off the Oscar-winning success of The Lavender Hill Mob (1951), so director Charles Crichton and writer T.E.B. Clarke, (who had won the Oscar for his screenplay), reunited to do another film, this time in colour, and it's a lovely little comedy which shows a side of England that just doesn't exist anymore, and a time when everyone used to rely on the railways. Set in the small country hamlet of Titfield, the villages railway, which nearly everyone relies upon there is under threat of closure by British Railways, but a group of local railfans, from Reverend Sam Weech (George Relph), Squire Gordon Chesterford (John Gregson) and the wealthy local Walter Valentine (Stanley Holloway) decide to try and convince the Ministry of Transport to keep it open, but they find a bit of competition from the local bus company, ran by Pearce (Ewan Roberts) and Vernon Crump (Jack MacGowran), but our rail enthusiasts won't give up without a fight. It is a very funny little film, done with a light touch and it paints a lovely picture of 1950's England, it also makes one pine for the railways of old. They should bring back railways because of this film, it's a better way to travel.

Faisal A (es) wrote: This very well-acted, often amusing and dirty-minded hard-R film still stands out in a sea of market-driven blandness. Inspired by the reputed experiences of the film's producer, Middle Men casts its protagonist in a suspiciously flattering light. Far from a classic and won't tug at your heartstrings, but it manages to be captivating from top to bottom.