A man comes to an isolated valley to take revenge on his friend who murdered his wife. Set in the backdrop of a village in a valley along Palakkad, it is influenced by the spaghetti western genre, and has achieved a cult status in Kerala since its release. Considered as the best thriller of all time in Malayalam cinema. Mohanlal's acting skills and Bharathan's direction are at the peak in this film

A man comes to an isolated valley to take revenge on his friend who murdered his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl M (ag) wrote: After the death of her father and her brother's arrest, Annie is left to uncover her family's hidden past, which will bring her face to face with the supernatural killer Candyman! CANDYMAN 2 is, in every way, an admirable sequel. It not only expands upon the legend of Daniel Robitaille, the Candyman, but it does so with a continued style and sophistication that typically goes unseen in a film of its kind. The colorful Cajun setting gives Candyman a wonderful new world to haunt. New Orleans always has a mysterious aura about it, and a history that reaches out from the streets and buildings. Director Bill Condon taps in to this to produce a number of highly atmospheric moments, from the Candyman's pursuit of Annie through the chaotic streets of Mardi Gras to the retelling of his origin story and the significance of the mirror. Annie is played gracefully by Kelly Rowan, who creates a character that is quite unlike Helen from the original. Rowan is sweet and soft-spoken, afraid to find out the horrifying truth, but like Helen, she is driven by an undying need to know and a bloody fate that draws her to the Candyman. CANDYMAN 2 does inevitably give in to its Slasher roots, with more blood and a higher body count than before. The major distraction, however, is the glaring sound design that cheapens the mood with obnoxious jump scares. Despite a few underlying discrepancies, CANDYMAN 2 proves to be a worthwhile sequel that holds up well against the original. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

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