The 1001 Gags of Spiff and Hercules

The 1001 Gags of Spiff and Hercules

Hercule wishes to be recognized at last as the star that he always was. He does not accept that Pif, this fleabag, can delight stardom. He decides, therefore, on an impulse, to change his ...

Hercule wishes to be recognized at last as the star that he always was. He does not accept that Pif, this fleabag, can delight stardom. He decides, therefore, on an impulse, to change his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The 1001 Gags of Spiff and Hercules torrent reviews

alba g (au) wrote: very real, first time I see Kristen Bell without any make up

Russell H (ag) wrote: Pretty terrible. a bad horror movie that turns itself into an even worse comedy.

Jacksun F (br) wrote: This movie is something really different and very much an indie film. Its so simple and a bit unorganized but that's ok.

Manfred M (kr) wrote: Ich werde in 3 Wochen vergessen haben, da? ich diesen Film berhaupt gesehen haben. Nicht richtig schlecht, unteres Mittelma?.

Ryan H (kr) wrote: shockingly realistic

Jessie M (ca) wrote: Horrible movie, but a typical B-movie sci-fi.

Stefan G (mx) wrote: While this movie treads familiar Star Trek territory, it makes up for more than a few shades of redundancy with the kind of spectacle that only Star Trek could provide. The story may be a little redundant (what with the fact that it's another conflict with the Klingons), but it develops and is paced in such a way that the entertainment value overcomes any storytelling faults, and that's more than could be said for the previous movie in the franchise. The ensemble cast, thankfully, is comprised of veteran actors, and they know how to give convincing, engaging performances, using their talents as best as they can. The production values are quite impressive, and to a lesser degree, so are the special effects. This is the kind of movie that knows the kind of spectacle that its immediate audience would want. This is the kind of Star Trek movie any fan would want to see, and also the kind of sci-fi film that any novice to the genre might want to see, but the best part is that, for me at least, it wraps up the original canon of Star Trek films. It kind of makes me wonder why we needed more in the first place.

Michael S (au) wrote: Overall, I liked this "movie" but I wouldn't watch it again.

Ben L (es) wrote: I've actually been fascinated by this film since back in the day when I used to see it on the shelves at Blockbuster, but for some reason I never watched it. The story is a classic one of 2 people who should be at odds with one another, but they are forced to work together in order to survive. I tend to like these kind of stories, so there was a lot I enjoyed in Enemy Mine. Willis and Jerry's willingness to totally trust one another was kind of sudden and abrupt, but since I knew it was coming I didn't mind too much.The effects, well let's just be honest, they suck. The space sequences are obvious models on green screen (or rear projection.) The puppets are clunky at best and lose some intimidation factor when you can tell they so obviously aren't real. But the big sci-fi stuff, like space battles and snarling pit monsters, are kind of secondary in this film. This is a movie about 2 characters and their interactions with one another. Therefore, the makeup team made up for a lot of the other effects' shortcomings by totally transforming Louis Gossett, Jr. for all the closeup conversations he has throughout the film.I liked some of the things that the main characters bonded over and how they saw similarities in each other's culture. The connection they established based on religion and traditions was probably the best part of the whole film. Yet I felt something lacking when they tried to hit emotional moments in the second act. By the end I finally got locked into the emotion, but it took all that time (and the introduction of a new character.)The cast was solid (I like Dennis Quaid a lot.) The writing was not bad, and the voiceover exposition was limited so it didn't bother me too much. Overall I enjoyed Enemy Mine, but not as much as my sci-fi favorites. In many ways it felt like a really good episode of a Star Trek or a Stargate TV show. That's not a bad thing, but doesn't set it apart as a huge achievement in science fiction cinema.