The 12 Disasters of Christmas

The 12 Disasters of Christmas

Just in time for the joyous holiday season, this film connects the ancient Mayan prophecy of worldwide destruction at the end of 2012, and the iconic holiday song, The 12 Days of Christmas. But there is hope: a father learns that his daughter is really the "Chosen One" who, alone, can stop further catastrophe - if he can stave off the lunatic townspeople blaming her for the community's destruction.

It's Christmas Eve when an ominous dark star appears in the sky; could this star be a sign that Judgment Day is near? When massive earthquakes and natural disasters tear apart cities, it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan G (gb) wrote: wtf is this?? Wow, what a sad but funny day it is to see the President of the United States having to use Hollywood to boost his declining approval rating. Plus I'm sure he'll be makin big bucks on this just like all his stupid ass books. Guys this guy is a liar and is destroying the country, dont see this bullshit. Supporting Obama = Ignorance.....that is truly not arguable, so dont even try.

Tor S (de) wrote: Very funny mockumentary. Not quite to the point all the way through, but it's well worth spending an hour and a half in the company of this one. And William Shatner as the narrator is a gem!

Millo T (ca) wrote: Surprising. Starts from an original point of view and does not let it go by the usual ways but offers you a new guess each time. Some aspects are better than others (in some moments it looks simple or difficult to believe about some things), but not bad at all.

Sylvester K (us) wrote: Acting is bad, plot is cliche, gore decreased and it had a sad tone to it that were trying to mimic the plot of the first movie. It's bad, real bad.

ra r (nl) wrote: I am at awe on how there was a sequel to this film. This might just be Nicolas Cage's worse film. If you like Con Air, stay away from this one. This film never lifted off at all.

Emilia P (ca) wrote: bartok, suuremmoinen on !

Robert H (ru) wrote: Dr. Giggles isn't exactly full of suspense and terror. While it does have a good amount of the red stuff, the gore FX are quite fake for the most part and leave a lot to be desired. The acting, while filled with many actors we know by looks as well as young versions of actors we've come to enjoy later in life, is quite cheesy.So why do I have this weird love affair with this film? Had it had more realistic gore, I'm sure more people would be down with the flick but as it is now I understand the hate.Heck, had they been more campy with everything and gone balls the wall nutso people would probably be more apt to praise this Gigglefest.As it stands, Dr. Giggles is a lack luster addition to the slasher/serial killer sub genre that for some reason has stuck with me ever since its release.

Jack G (nl) wrote: To Be or Not to Be is a film that carries the real horror and dread of Europe facing the threats and devastation of Hitler and the Nazis, and never forgets that, but is also a light, screwball comedy about the art of performance and the enjoyment we all get knowing someone is getting something over on another guy. Lubtisch's filmmaking and comic timing moves like a precise slab of butter (if that's a weird analogy), smooth and on point all the time. It follows a Polish theater company that see a the Germans invading, bombing their town, and the two stars of the company played by Jack Benny and Carole Lumbard, embroiled in a plot with a Nazi-leaning professor and even going up to Hitler himself. Nevermind they don't have Polish (or even most German) accents, they don't bother pretending on that front ironically considering the trickery on hand. This is meant to be a piece of world war two theatricality that can and does endure because it deals with showmanship, actor ego (from Benny with his Hamlet to the side characters trying to get Shylock just right) and playing a character as it's main focus (if there's any modern film that owes It's debt to Lubitsch and how people put on ruses in such high stakes it's Inglouious Basterds, down to a climax in a theater full of Nazis).And as funny as Jack Benny is, especially when his character reacts to that dear of a bomber pilot who has the hots for Carole Lombard, I think Lombard really makes this even better than expected. She's exquisite, ferocious, precocious, sexy, and yet terribly serious about her craft and the people she loves, plus the theater itself. You see just charm and grace radiating off her, and yet she completely gets how to make Mary always reacting and figuring things out. Benny is the big wonderful goof of the movie, while Lombard is the star. Its sublime entertainment and I only regret not seeing it sooner; Mel Brooks made a remake in the 80s which is good but nowhere near the impact of this picture. Just the scene with the Germans marching into town and Lubitsch's cut aways to the citizens looking on in shocked-but-passive disbelief makes it a must see alone.

Michael W (jp) wrote: A killer stalks a near-empty college dorm during the Christmas Break. Strictly by-the-numbers slasher film lacking in plot and void of character development. The only thing that displays any imagination here is the title.

Henning L (gb) wrote: Quite original and scary for a b-movie his age. I you like The Shining you'll know what scares you most in this movie.