The 24th Day

The 24th Day

Tom and Dan's one-night stand turns into an intense power-play between captor and captive.

Tom (Speedman) and Dan's (Marsden) one-night stand turns into an intense power-play between captor and captive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif H (kr) wrote: When Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra made their Hindi film debuts in 2003, I correctly predicted they will be big stars. Not saying I am always right, predicted great things for Lara Dutta too and a bleak future for Abhishek Bachchan after their debuts.. Director Kunal Kohli tends to be hit and miss with me. Liked his first movie `Mujse Doste Karoge` even though it was a flop, thought `Hum Tum` was average despite it being a commercial hit, thought `Fanaa` was great and it was a hit. However, his film `Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic` made me lose all hope in the world for this guy. He does slightly redeem himself in this movie. However, this film was missing smoothness, hard to explain. The main cast put in great performances. The concept of the film was kind of novel to a certain extent, love stories in 3 different eras. For some reason really enjoyed the 60s era part. Maybe, that is why I liked `Om Shanti Om` so much, ok, it was set in the 70 for the first half. Some of the songs in the film I loved to death such as "Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff" and "Mukhtasar". Overall, it an average film, had the potential to be really good but had too many hits and misses in it.

Paul B (fr) wrote: This mesmerisingly poetic film sees a young Mayan man take his half Italian son on an epic voyage into the open sea as three generations of fishermen bond on the Mexican ocean.

Chance R (ru) wrote: Though fairly flawed at times with its attempt to be edgy in a culture where saying "damn it" is not all that crazy, To Save a Life takes chances that most films don't (religious or otherwise) and try to relay realistic emotions a high schooler struggling to figure out whether he or she wants to live a life dedicated to God. This seems to be a question far too easily thrown away as garbage and this movie tries to answer it anyway.

Jo L (de) wrote: a nice rainy afternoon movie, no need to think as you know what is going to happen and thattere is going to be a nice happy ending

Craig B (au) wrote: This is my least favorite Cho stand-up to date. For one, her monologue used to rely on yelling at the Hollywood mucky mucks for trying to make her conform to an unattainable aesthetic standard. Now that she's actually skinny, those humorous vignettes have been excised from her repertoire. It's too bad, because some of that material is hilarious. Also, she spends too much time railing against the Bush administration. These jokes are way too easy, and therefore not as funny as her usual stuff. Lastly, she's using a different on-stage voice now, like she's channeling a black cross-dresser when she speaks. What's up with that? Still, she can be irreverent and raunchy when the time calls for it, and that material still makes me laugh.

Alejandra G (ca) wrote: It's more a state of mid than a movie. Very pleasant and very unpleasant at the same time.

Jamie M (nl) wrote: Great time! Highly recommended.

Carlo K (jp) wrote: kind of special film. Trancy trip through history. Not for everyone.

walder R (au) wrote: these two just clicked from start to finish

Austin G (ag) wrote: Awesome movie. One of my favorites. The multiple ending idea is a great idea for this movie because it uses the concept from the board game itself as the who what and where always changes. It's a laugh fest from start to finish and worth the watch.

Jess L (ca) wrote: This is a beautifully filmed movie and is so bizarre at times you have to wonder how an audience in 1934 would have taken it. There are various elements of campy humour, right down to the creepy portrayal of the Grand Duke Peter, that catch you off guard but are delightful to watch. Along with the amazing set design this is an extraordinary film and one that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did.

Margarita S (au) wrote: The story takes a nice turn in the fifth movie of this franchise with Rocky losing it all and finding himself back where he started. He has difficulty readjusting, especially with the complication of having a family. The father-son angle plays out well in this one and it's a refreshing change not having Rocky set foot in a ring. All that said, any kind of originality for this franchise has already run out of steam by this fifth movie. Viewers choose to either accept or not accept the cheesiness.

Johnson C (mx) wrote: A mentor and mentee, a retired spy, a girl with some innocent setup, some dead men/ women, a piece of calculated but chopped spy movie. Not excited.

Liam A (au) wrote: love this movie, it blends horror with metal and it works great! Sammi Curr is a rockstar that teen Eddie Weinbauer idolizes, but when Sammi dies in a hotel fire he talks to Eddie through an unreleased album when it is played backwards and tells him to kill the bullies that treat him like crap at school. Eddie, who only wants to humiliate the bullies turns against his idol and causes trouble on Halloween night. great movie for 80's metal and horror fans alike