The 3 Penny Opera

The 3 Penny Opera

In London at the turn of the century, the bandit Mack the Knife marries Polly without the knowledge of her father, Peachum, the 'king of the beggars'.

In London at the turn of the century, the bandit Mack the Knife marries Polly without the knowledge of her father, Peachum, the 'king of the beggars'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert M (jp) wrote: I like many of the people in this movie and only kept watching in the hope it would switch from ridiculously bad to being not so, and it never happened

Tanay B (jp) wrote: Superb film!! NO COMMENTZ

Shinyhair X (ru) wrote: Pretty good, but confusing. IBut I missed the first half an hour and maybe I like jakie better with short hair.

John Oliver M (mx) wrote: Demi Moore made sexual harassment lawsuits look hot!

Daniel G (nl) wrote: This movie is every bit as good as I remember as a child. Not much else to add except that by today's standards it's less action and more children's thriller.

Fabien R (ca) wrote: Le pendant br (C)silien de "Moi, Christiane F., 13 ans..." ; glauquissime, mais r (C)ussi.

Mereie d (ca) wrote: Hilarious comedy from the mid-seventies. Very cliched at times, but genuinely funny at the same time. I thought some elements were a bit too serious and/or melodramatic for a film so full of slapstick-like fun (Gator should have gotten the girl in the end; Greenfield shouldn't have died, etc.). But what the heck: it is really funny - how can you even invent characters like Smiley and Bones? This is just good fun, full stop.

Alex A (us) wrote: probably Dario Argento's most story driven giallo, The Cat o' Nine tails is the directors most underrated film. Surprisingly better than the Bird With to Crystal plumage the film shines by taking more time to focus on the characters and allows the audience to develop emotional attachments to them as the plot progress's. Argento proves himself as before a master of suspense and style who while in his prime i would put my money on above Hitchcock any day

Sue A (ru) wrote: A really good classic

Prasad P (it) wrote: A superb western with the incomparable Gary Cooper in one of his finest roles. When viewed now, this is more a drama in the vein of Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven," where the old west is looked at through a jaded, weary lens and the hero is a man running away from his past. A superb film, with Cooper not only taking down the bad guys but also holding his own against a scenery-chewing Lee J. Cobb.

Francisco G (jp) wrote: Un comienzo confuso, pero poco a poco se van revelando las entraas de esta pelcula. Un chef sin reglas aparentes al vivir. La aparicin de diferentes mujeres, de las que se sabe poco. El impacto de la enfermedad en la familia. Cmo hacer para vivir con alguien que padece de cncer. La eterna pregunta. Las consecuencias, las cadas y recadas. Todo en una vorgine de colores retocados, con una maestra en edicin. Ampliamente recomendable. Bien actuada y de esas cintas que te llevan a los extremos de las sensaciones humanas.

Gregory G (ag) wrote: A brilliant and disturbing documentary about the underground comic book artist Robert Crumb, who is best known for "Fritz the Cat" and "Keep on Truckin'," and how art provided him a creative outlet from the personal demons within his dysfunctional family. Featuring interviews with Crumb, his friends, family, and former lovers, director Terry Zwigoff explores in depth the artist's obsessive sexual fantasies and the sociological and personal perceptions of his work. At the same time, there are revealing interviews with Crumb's tormented brothers that are haunting in their honesty. Despite the grim subject matter, this is one of the most complex and ambivalent portraits of an artist that we've seen, while also being surprisingly funny. Presented by David Lynch.

Glen P (nl) wrote: Lots of fun chase and spectacle, but more holes in the logic of the movie than in swiss cheese.

Eric O (de) wrote: to cite someone else's review i saw on here (Curtis Lilly), this just tries a little to hard to be cryptic. i'd say it fits tim roth's great abilities, but coppola's better when he sticks to more straightforward storytelling