The 33D Invader

The 33D Invader

A young woman named Future (Macy Wu) is sent from the year 2046 to the year 2011 in Hong Kong. Future was sent by the United Nations in order to get pregnant, where she can then extract her genes and repopulate the earth as 99% of males have become infertile in the future due to attacks from Planet Xucker. Two assassins from Xuckler (Taka Kato and Ya-wen Hseh) are sent after her to stop her. Future meets three University students: Felix (Justin Cheung), Dan-san (Andrew Kwok) and Sing (Tsui Ho-cheong). The men are obsessed with female students next door: Chin-chin (Akiho Yoshizawa), Chen-chen (Monna Lam and Sai-sai (Chen Chih-ying). The students agree to help Future find a mate at the university.

A girl named Future has to re-populate the human race after radiation attacks from the Xucker race have made 99% of men on Earth infertile in the year 2046. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kussai N (ru) wrote: For a person who enjoys independent movies and movies based on technology pioneers and hackers, this wasn't too bad but it definitely could have been better.

Walter M (us) wrote: Girl walks into a bar. Which surprises Nick(Zachary Quinto), a dentist, since when arranging to meet a contract killer, he was definitely not expecting someone like Francine Driver(Carla Gugino). After the misperceptions and some flashing are taken care of, they agree to a price which is more than Nick was expecting. After he goes off in search of more cash, Francine has her wallet stolen by Henry(Aaron Tveit). The only clue she has to his whereabouts is a tattoo on Terry(Emmanuelle Chriqui), a stripper. "Girl Walks into a Bar" proves that if you're going to do a bar crawl, this is definitely the way to go, as the amount of alcohol consumed is not terribly lethal. No, what matters here are the variety of bars on a typically weird night in Los Angeles and the quality of the company, which in this case is on the plus side. To be honest, I'm not saying this exactly makes sense with the vignettes attempting to form a story but at least it is an amiable sort of nonsense.

Deadly V (de) wrote: Wow! This is an awsome action thriller with a brilliant script and a killer soundtrack. Its a shame that only few people have seen this gem of a film. A must watch to anyone who likes to watch good films. Strongly recommended to everyone...

Steve C (mx) wrote: One of the greatest films ever made

Tim D (ca) wrote: This film is so astoundingly awful that it actually achieves a kind of weird transcendence. It truly deserves the highest score available.

kat C (gb) wrote: good film, great ending

Michael P (kr) wrote: For what it's worth, the movie isn't too bad...if you take it for what it is. The cast of characters are interesting, and there is plenty going on. I'm also a sucker for Post-Apocalypse films. :D


rajun k (ag) wrote: great cast. full of slapstick 80s rom-com humor & antics!!

Kristen P (kr) wrote: I love musicals with some substance to them and this is that. Also Robert Morse is just fantastic.

Davi C (ag) wrote: it is a bad movie and doesnt have good scenes

Lisa D (de) wrote: predictable funny moments nice plot ok