The 36 Deadly Styles

The 36 Deadly Styles

Excellent martial arts film directed by ace director Joseph Kuo. Wai Chi (Cheung Nick), who learns the 8 Gods fist to revenge the death of his father to some cruel badly wigged guys played by Hwang Jang Lee and Bolo Yeung.

Hwang Jang-lee plays the main baddie, and along with his nasty henchmen (played by a red-nosed Chan Lau, and Bolo Yeung in the daftest wig imaginable!), they cause all sorts of problems for the good guys, hero Wah-jee (Cheung Lik), pretty soy-milk seller Tsui-jee (Jeannie Chang) and Tsui-jee's father (Fan Mei-sheng). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam G (es) wrote: what a pile of *****. It wasn't even set in the same house because the location was different. Are the makers so stupid that we wouldn't realise, those of us familiar with the original Amityville movies. The deaths were quite disturbing, unfortunately I can't say the same for the rest of this piss poor excuse for aFound Footage movie. I thought I was watching a comedy. Worth watching though, If only for The Dad's Nervous Breakdown scene. Hilarious. :D

Hallvard J (ca) wrote: Finally a movie with TOP music, not many of those, i just love that music, movie better then expected, maybe abit soprano inspired, but thats a long road to go.Still enjoyable, though iam not sure i agree how the ending was pulled of.

Quinto W (jp) wrote: An off-beat romantic comedy, if you dare to laugh. The film is supported entirely by it's two lead actors, so you can either love it or hate it depending on how much you let yourself be carried away by them.

Ms Amanda J (de) wrote: I don't really remember it - which says a lot - other than the fact that this movie is laden with flashbacks, with Bruce Willis playing a mean SOB. The cast did a solid job but the movie dragged on for too long.

Nic O (ca) wrote: A less campy, more crappy version of The Toxic Avenger.

Eric F (es) wrote: Just pure fun! This was one of my favorite movies in the 70's. One of my buddies and I went to see it at the theater twice in the same day.

demian s (kr) wrote: there is no handsome thief the synopsis is wrong and Cleo is the first black female james bond of her time. It was the first movie set i ever visited i was treated like a prince by the now late Cleopatra herself, ex supermodel. Tamara Dobson. {God rest her soul}, A great lady and a great movie for its time. i was a small child and then got bitten by the acting bug by all that surrounded me on this set. the wardrobe coreography, and stunts are now old but when Don Cheadle {he acquired the rights to this film and script} remakes this movie, its going to be the bomb. watch for yourself. And i hope he does it soon.

Scott R (es) wrote: Wholesome family entertainment. I watched this growing up and always thought it was a little far fetched with the tornado in the Tetons. But it still was exciting with every frontier obstacle imaginable confronting this family trying to make a life in Wyoming. The boys were funny with the youngest always trying to get any pet he could, and naming all even the girls ralph. Jack Elam also added some rough humor with his usual self.

Stuart K (au) wrote: Directed by Burt Kennedy, (who made 19 films between 1961 and 1978, as well as doing Suburban Commando (1991)), this is a spoof western that has some good set pieces and a good, game cast. It might seem a little dated but it came at a time when westerns held their own while New Hollywood was on the rise, but it's fun to watch. Calendar, Colorado is a town which started off very small, but after the ditzy Prudy Perkins (Joan Hackett) discovered gold during a funeral, the town flourishes, and it brings in all kinds of people, and all kinds of riff-raff as well. Prudy's father Olly (Harry Morgan) has become mayor, but he's not having much luck in keeping order in the town, after a drunken brawl he finds hope in Jason McCullough (James Garner), a peaceful man from out East who is just passing through Calendar on his way to Australia. Olly convinces him to be the new sheriff, even though Jason is very reluctant, as he just wants to go to Australia, and the town doesn't even have a proper jail, and he soon finds opposition from Pa Danby (Walter Brennan) and his gang. It's got moments of humour and action throughout, and it has a good cast, not least Garner giving a charismatic performance, it was successful enough to warrant a sequel Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971). You don't get comedic westerns now, maybe now it's time for a revival.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: Amazing. The bridge scene was intense.

Leonard D (br) wrote: It's not the perfect comedy, but there is some heart and soul in this Pauly Shore classic!

Lucero C (au) wrote: A very beautiful and moving film!!

Pavan R (au) wrote: An entertaining typical 80's movie. Has a bit of everything for a family movie night