The 4th

The 4th

It's the Fourth of July in Los Angeles, and Jamie, a broke illustrator who is behind on his rent, tries to throw a cookout while his overbearing roommate is out of town, but everything seems to go wrong.

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Yusuf S (nl) wrote: The storyline was good but it wasn't sustained through the middle part of the film. It was very creative but it lacked a spark. Aishwarya's role didn't really develop throughout the film. I definitely loved Abhishek's eccentric character. The Cinematography was excellent, the action was good especially during that climatic fight scene near the end; although there could've been a lot more action sequences. The songs were also good as well as Govinda's and Vikram's roles in the film.

(fr) wrote: A gritty mind-bending thriller about three twenty-somethings who find themselves in an impossible time labyrinth, where each day they awaken to the same terrifying day as the preceding one.

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Larry W (mx) wrote: As the ultimate cinephile fantasy, this should have been Waters' best film. Disappointing, then, that it's plagued by an ironic hipness and a repeat gag about celibacy that is run into the ground in spite of the fact that it never for even the briefest moment works. In the end, it is probably his weakest effort.

Freeman M (mx) wrote: The idea is there. The execution, however, is not.

Gendrith A (de) wrote: I really love this one

Adam D (jp) wrote: the tv series was better

Ian C (gb) wrote: A fantastic end to the greatest trilogy of all time. It really whets the appetite for 'The Force Awakens'. Emotional stuff from Master Yoda, the Ewoks in Endor unleash the greatest display of Guerrilla warfare on the Galactic Empire since, 1922's Ireland. Love Jabba's palace and that sneaky little fucker Salacious Crumb, togs creamed with Leia's slave bikini. Emperor Palpatine is a right nasty and manipulative cunt.

Aaron G (ru) wrote: I know my one-star rating sends me to film-school hell, but I simply did not care about Mr. Bickle at any point in this story.

Angela K (ag) wrote: It might be an old movie but it sounds good.

Sahal M (es) wrote: Did remind of LOVE STORY in some places... especially the tragic end. Hope we could see Paul Verhoeven make more films - if only he hadn't made Showgirls. Most Rutger Hauer fans will be surprised with his bold performance.

Paul D (jp) wrote: A below par civil war western but is fine to watch Glenn Ford slowly becoming mad throughout.

Nathaniel G (it) wrote: Probably Brad Pitt's best performance by far even if he doesn't even show up until like 24 minutes into the movie. The movie itself is a pretty decent gang/mobster film some would say probably not as good as The Departed but Pitt's performance reminds me a lot of Nicholson's Frank Costello although Pitts character is more or less a hired hitman in the mob. (not really but that's what I'd call his position.)

Shantel D (gb) wrote: Considering the cast, this little fella is extremely underwhelming. There are a few funny moments, but it's mostly a waste of time.

Silvestre S (br) wrote: Sex-Crazed young adults and so much sex and libido almost ruined this film for me but for its fresh new plot and stunning recalls of the setting Eli Roth really releases something great for his audiences.