The 5th Execution

The 5th Execution

On a remote island in Southeast Asia, a team of scientists, studying the regenerative properties of the salamander, discovers what their Bangkok headquarters refer to as "The Priceless Gift": an elixir of life. News of the discovery travels quickly, and profiteers begin to circle the island, only to find out just how dangerous a discovery it is. During the research process, they also uncovered an unstoppable disease. When the research team goes missing, it leaves behind a warning: that the disease has spread, and is threatening to go global. Special forces and mercenaries from around the world descend on the island, making apparent that there is more at stake than just profit and ambition, but the survival of humanity.

On a remote island in Southeast Asia, a team of scientists, studying the regenerative properties of the salamander, discovers what their Bangkok headquarters refer to as "The Priceless Gift... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raisul I (it) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed... surprised myself

Najd G (ca) wrote: Much smarter than I anticipated. The build-up to the "admissions selection" scene (and then the scene itself) was one of the most psychologically satisfying sequences I can ever remember watching. This romantic comedy excelled at denying the usual chick flick clichs from dictating its flow.One thing did annoy me with the script though: too many of the characters had similar quirks and used identical phrases, causing a lack of personality diversification and highlighting an aggravating rookie weakness from screenwriter Karen Croner.Other than that English 101 level gaffe, I felt that this was an Ivy League caliber romantic comedy.

Michael M (kr) wrote: Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. I'm glad someone else figured that out.

Cody C (nl) wrote: Ramin Bahrani is the shit. One of the best american independent filmmakers of the last decade. See this if you like movies. Seriously, anyone that can hate on this movie is bullshit

David S (gb) wrote: Open Range joins a list of Favorite westerns.

Cam E (fr) wrote: First time you watch this film you will probably think it's pretty good. But ultimately it's just another disappointing film. No doubt it has it's funny moments but it seems to go far to silly especially towards the ending. Walter Matthau is good in this film as is Christopher Lloyd but I found Mason Gamble's acting awful. It is a poorly made film along with Garfield and all the other disappointing films which could have been better. The sequel to this is worse than this avoid the sequel as it is a cheap laugh free zone.

christine s (es) wrote: You have to see this film, if only to see Scatman Crothers.

Ken S (kr) wrote: Fine British claymation film about a group of chickens hellbent on escaping their chicken farm, despite the difficulties of doing so. They find a hero when a flying rooster crashes into the farm, and believe he can teach them to fly...but he may not have all the answers they think he does. They must race against the clock when the owners of the farm decide to switch from farming their eggs to just killing the chickens and turning them into pies. The film comes from the same people who made "Wallace and Gromit" and just like that, it is charming fun.

Danielle C (jp) wrote: A Gud laugh with a nice story !

scott j (ru) wrote: People who don't know anything about editing would say this movie is bad. But given what tony pulled off in this movie as a world top visual film director, I'd say This movie is great. Of course if you didn't have fun time it's ok. I must say that it's story and plot aren't the most well made one . It's just sad that Tony's work is too sophisticated for those people

Michael M (it) wrote: Fairly underrated superhero movie that never really got its due. The Hellboy character is pretty badass and there's a few great action scenes. I actually prefer the sequel as its got better villains but this first one was pretty solid. I'd be interested in a third if they ever make another.

Geoff W (nl) wrote: For me very disappointing and not a patch on the series

Thaddaeus D (it) wrote: my family really loves animated comedies especially involving animals