The 6th Day

The 6th Day

Futuristic action about a man who meets a clone of himself and stumbles into a grand conspiracy about clones taking over the world.

In the near future, human cloning is still illegal although technology is advanced that people can clone every animals. One day, Adam Gibson returns home and find a clone of himself and of every members in his family. A gang of vicious man trys to kill him before the knows the truth. Adam must find his way to survive and uncover the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calum B (au) wrote: Well, that's because it's the only musical movie of the summer.They wanted to make a movie for the female gender, so if you're a male and you're forced to see this you better relax your butt and let it happen. The girls want to watch this to see Giulio Berruti, because he is handsome as ****. I'm a guy, 100% heterosexual, but if you deny that this man belongs to the top of our class, you are lying.The acting is average. Every character looks like he is living in a fairy tale, so everyone is happy and starts singing at random and sometimes inappropriate moments. You notice that every actor in this movie is enjoying their work. They act playful and enthusiastic, so you can't help yourself smiling sometimes. The dark side of this acting style is that you don't take the more emotional moments very seriously. It's a happy-family-summer-musical-movie after all, so everything is going to be be okay. Oh yeah, the jokes are horrible though.The movie itself is not that bad. I would call it a budget version of Mama Mia!, because the A-list actors were the main reason people wanted to see that. There's one location, one annoying girl and at the end a wedding with a 'twist' that won't surprise anyone.It's extremely cheesy, but if you fancy a brainless movie night, this is not the worst choice you can make. Don't see it in theaters though, unless you want so see Berruti's abs in widescreen-size, and don't forget the alcohol so you can suddenly sing along with everything.

Charlie G (au) wrote: Perhaps a good idea but I found it rather biring and predictable.

Tatsuhito K (jp) wrote: I enjoyed it. It's definitely too long and some of the characters bugged the crap out of me (Rhys Ifans' in particular is unbearable.) But it's charming, the dialogue has wit, and Roberts and Grant have wonderful chemistry together. It's harmless, cliched, utterly preposterous, but not without awe-inducing moments. Notting Hill is a thoroughly enjoyable romcom.

Allan C (es) wrote: Surprisingly decent direct-to-video sequel doesn't have much connection to the first film outside of a very small part for Danny Trejo and the film's genre mash-up of crime and horror films. The story involves a bunch of lowlifes intending to rob a bank, but when one of them gets bitten by a vampire, the film becomes a heist-gone-wrong story but with vampires. Although the star level is dialed down, there is still an enjoyably eclectic mix of stars past and present, including Robert Patrick, Bo Hopkins, Raymond Cruz, Danny Trejo, and cameos by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Bruce Campbell. Directed by Scott Spiegel, the film seems to be aping Robert Rodrguez's inventive style, coming off as labored and merely doing unusual camera placements and angels, but to no real effect. The script is by Duane Whitaker (who played Maynard in "Pulp Fiction") based a story by Boaz Yakin (who wrote and directed the excellent and underrated "Fresh") lacks the wit and originality of Quentin Tarantino's script for the original film, but this film does have it's moments, particularly one exchange in a motel room over the story quality of a pay-per-view film the gang is watching before their robbery. Overall, this film isn't anywhere in the league of the original "From Dusk Till Dawn," but it is a cut above most direct-to-video sequels.

Robert I (us) wrote: While better than all the modern day David Zucker films, this is still atrociously unfunny. But at least the writing is [email protected]$$ed. When you see enough crappy comedies you're a little happy to see throwaway jokes actually affect the plot somewhat. Jon Lovitz is still highly underrated. But director Hart Bochner's PCU is far and away better than this turkey.

Vahid F (kr) wrote: it's a wonderful film.

Ben W (mx) wrote: a postwar sex film....if you can believe that. ophuls tells an episodic tale starting with a prostitute and from there each character progressively finds another lover until we eventually end up where we began, hence the title, la ronde. ophuls camera movements, though not as sophisticated as they were in his later earrings of madame de... are so french, the fluid movements, slightly soft focus. its a film that is simply a pure joy to watch if you are already a little jaded. they really just dont make em like this any more.

Matt G (ag) wrote: Hilarious, well-photographed, a poignant and memorable ending, and I laughed my ass off. One of the great film comedies. Sturges at his best. Features an all-star supporting cast of actors I recognize, but can't recall the names of. See this film.

Zoran S (us) wrote: Seen in its original 70mm format this might have been quite enjoyable since its spectacle nature would have glossed over the dramatic flaws. Still, it's not a bad film and is often interesting in how it deconstructs John Wayne's persona as a Western icon. Here the Western mythology is reduced to a circus performance, highlighting its inherent falseness.

Eduardo A (de) wrote: In 1922, Murnau realized a masterpiece of horror cinema (the first based on Bram Stoker's Dracula) and after 57 years (in 1979) Herzog makes a remake that does not try to imitate the original, but it does something more. What Herzog has done it is something wonderful, scary, beautiful, terrifying and poetic. A story of love, blood, death and loneliness, with a masterful Klaus Kinski, who plays a penned Dracula in his castle and in its melancholy, a melancholy due to his loneliness. Isabelle Adjani is a wonderful, beautiful, strong, wise and loving Lucy Harker, who must fight to save his love from the clutches of Dracula. Melancholic and poetic final. One of the few cases in which the remake is wonderful as the original.

Paul D (nl) wrote: A very good action/spy adventure, it would have been better save for its heavy-handed ending.

Anthony H (ca) wrote: A classic. #Spaceballs

Cham O (nl) wrote: Very well created sort of military drama. Very matured acting performances from all the young acts. It's about well trained bunch of cadets taking control of their military school to prevent it from closing. It's Tom Cruise's second acting role in a movie. Really nice story.