The 7 Deadly Sins

The 7 Deadly Sins

Feature film length collection of seven short films about the biblical seven sins by preliminary younger Norwegian directors.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Feature film length collection of seven short films about the biblical seven sins by preliminary younger Norwegian directors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy V (kr) wrote: Very emotional and beautifully shot and acted. Definitely enjoyed this one. Stellar soundtrack also.

Antoine P (ca) wrote: Not as beautiful and moving as Philippe Claudel's first film, but still very very much enjoyable ! Somehow the leads suffer from the comparison with the amazing cast that plays three of the supporting roles: Neri Marcore, Clotilde Courau and Anouk Aim (C)e are just fantastic!

JJ D (ru) wrote: Full of half truths, slanted statistics, and outright lies of Michael Moore proportions. Racist, extremely one sided, and full of misrepresented data. Griggs spends two hours drooling over the false god-like image the right has created of Ronald Reagan.

Martin B (ru) wrote: The story is really in black and white with evil swedes and honest sami people minding their own funky buisiness.But it's beautifully filmed in nothern Norway, with the sun, the snow, the deer and the inhabitans of this remote land.The story of the sami people isn't that often told, and this is based upon true stories, sad stories of misstreating hard working scandinavian cowboys sort of.Peter Andersson plays a bastard as always and there are a lot of good performances all around.

Spencer H (kr) wrote: Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite horror movies, with a good mystery, good visuals, and a scary atmosphere surrounding the mystery. There is so much that I love about the movie, but it does have plenty of issues. Tim Burton is a great director and has made another one of his crazy and visually stunning movies.

Joe C (mx) wrote: Someone asks me today, "Joe, what is your favorite Spike Lee Joint?" I would say Inside Man, BUT this film gets a special mention in my collection. I have always been a huge fan of Denzel dating all the way back to when I saw Glory in the 7th grade. That being said, Denzel is in Inside Man, so case closed. I should say that I don't play basketball or too many sports for that matter, but I enjoys films about them for sure. Friday Night Lights, Eddie, etc. this film takes sports films and flips it on the ear. It is Sports-Drama which has been done before but not like Spike Lee can do it. I won't tell the whole story but Denzel has to get his son, Ray Allen to go to this one school for college so he can get out of prison early, and yeah. The cast is solid, Denzel, Ray Allen, Rick Fox, Rosario Dawson, Harper Hill, etc. I know its a serious film that has some laughs when needed and plenty of heart all the time. Most films can't pull off the frequent flash back film style but this is one that can. I don't know how to explain other than, you need to see this if you look good movies and sports, this is a perfect combination of the two.

Simon D (it) wrote: For Star Wars nerds, this is where they draw the line. The film is clearly for little kids but of course, any real Star Wars fan has to watch this just to tick it off even if it does leave them on their knees shouting "Why?" at the sky. It's not a good film. The child actors are terrible, even for kids. The Ewoks are badly made onesies with lazy eyes and cleft lips and the story is a very poor effort by George Lucas who will never be forgiven for selling out like this.

Stephen C (au) wrote: To some Werner Herzog is a madman who's films are a batty as he is.I say that Herzog is one of the great European directors of his time and that his films always come out of left field and never cease to amaze.At first the story of a street person,his prostitute girlfriend and eccentric next door neighbour moving to America for a better life sounds like a dead end when it comes to telling a story.In the hands of Herzog though its a powerful and passionate and sometimes very funny drama of everyday people trapped in everday life.Bruno S plays himself here as the lead Strozek a man with a passion for music but also a passion for beer as well ,his performance is all the more brillant due to the fact Bruno really was a street entertainer who had been in several menatl hospitals before Herzog cast hin in several of his films.Eva Mattes is also excellent as Eva the call gir with dreams of a better life in America,who leaves Bruno when his drunken ramblings become too much for her.The final part of the trio is the old man Scheitz who spends his time looking for animal magnetism with a voltmeter .Herzog shows that The American dream is not all its cracked upto be anf the final 20 minutes of the film are absolutley stunning as Bruno steals a turkey, destroys his vehicle and visits a fair with dancing and piano playing chickens.As a footnote Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis watched this film before he comitted suicide,which is odd considering that the film doesnt feel downbeat despite the fact our lead is at the end of his tether.A rich poetic film made by a filmaker with nothing to hide .

Craig C (us) wrote: While the film's themes are more relevant than ever and the acting superb, the reason why Ford beat upstart wunderkid Orson Welles is the same reason Robert Zemeckis' "Forrest Gump" would triumph over Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" in 1994. Ford and Zemeckis were safe mainstream while Welles and Tarantino challenged the audiences. This remains an Essential Classic, but like "Pulp Fiction," it got robbed at the Oscars.

Jordan L (kr) wrote: I actually had my doubts about this, but surprisingly it was pretty good. Im not into motercycles or anything of the sort but this made me laugh.