The Abortion

The Abortion

Eda was a dance student attending an academy. When she was a student, she got pregnant from her lover Cihan who is already married and has a child. When she realized this, she learned that ...

Eda was a dance student attending an academy. When she was a student, she got pregnant from her lover Cihan who is already married and has a child. When she realized this, she learned that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerald C (ru) wrote: lovely film... both Gwei Lunmei & Zaizai Lin shine...I like the light, warm and tranquil mood throughout... the sisters look, talk and think different (partly thanks to great casting) and yet their lives converge and they become more the same (sisters after all)... the scenes with the mother (funnily repeated with variations) and interviews of ordinary Taipei citizens on small yet subtle questions about life's many choices light up the film so much... making the story feel so close to the core of our lives... the longing for the titular 36th story, which is yet to be lived and told by the sister after hearing 35 from others, is touching (sth I share personally) ... This is another light, slow-paced comedy based on Taipei-ers after Au Revoir Taipei telling of their yearning to venture outside the island and see the world...

Gabriel K (nl) wrote: The noir tone of this movie is picture-perfect. The director uses his typical stripped down narrative, and I'm not sure it works in this movie as well as it did in Distant. Having said that, the characters are masterfully crafted and acting is impeccable.

Jean A (gb) wrote: Pretty good! I thought this is a very lovely story! Makes you want to fall in love, specially if you're in your 30s! :-)

Mark W (de) wrote: Charlie the son of Santa Claus has now turned into a bit of a rebel it seems... Despite knowing of Santas existence he seems to have a complete disregard for the concept of the naughty list.... That aside Mr Claus needs to find a "Mrs Claus"-e and an evil replica Santa takes control of the workshop... My goodness does Disney fun run rampant! Overall it's a little bit more ridiculous than the predecessor, but there's still some fun to be had!

Caitlin L (de) wrote: A sweet story of a daughter finding her father and herself.

Corinna P (au) wrote: thehe, it has it's moments!!

Martin S (mx) wrote: Intense! Doesn't really make you like the English.

Sebastian D (ca) wrote: Attack, defence and so what? The relation between two main characters which plot was supposed to revolve around turned out to be plain. Maybe the original picture from 70s is worth watching.

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Frances H (fr) wrote: An intelligent thriller done with style, and Viola Davis is always a plus point.

Katey W (it) wrote: If you wanna see it bc Megan Fox is sexy then it's the movie for you.

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