The Accountant

The Accountant

As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.

The movie centers on Christian Wolff, a mathematical genius who works as a forensic accountant for some of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations. After Chris uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris J (ag) wrote: Has its scary moments equivalent to the shock of a haunted hayride, but that's the extent.

Stephanie A (it) wrote: I thought it would be mindless... It wasn't. Tatum does a great job

Johnathan D (us) wrote: Almost like a.thriller because it is so tense. Even after ending I'm quite not sure what happened. Felt very real and not at all movie like. Was like I was easedropping.. I like this film maker. the movies are very well done and not at all hollywood.

The N (it) wrote: no se compara con la original en lo absoluto.

Shane J (kr) wrote: Oh dear god!! worst zombie movie ever?? its pretty close. suger+caffine + cocaine turns u into one apparently?? whats ironside doing in this?? i guess he need to pay some bills or something. the film doesnt actually do anything until he turns up proper at the end shooting his gun around. poss in the top 10 worst films ive ever seen and ive seen tons of shite!!

Gena D (it) wrote: potential christmas movie?

Michael M (br) wrote: David Cross and Chris Elliot easily stole this movie and their scenes still have me rolling. Of course as it's a Wayans movie there's also a bunch of stupid jokes and gross-out humor. And the chicks are hot especially Claire and Donna from 90210.

matt b (ag) wrote: A quirky, funny, heartwarming, inviting tale with a spectacular soundtrack. I unexpectedly found this movie entering the realm of my all time favorites

Ben R (us) wrote: To call this one of the best if not they best high school football movie ever wouldn't be too far from the truth. This has alot of breakout stars who started out here during the late 90s run of teen drama's and comedies that flooded the market during that time. This would have to be the best thing James Van Der Beek has ever and will ever do. Paul Walker played it low key during most of the movie which was good because I can only stand him in small doses. Jon Voight nailed it as the asshole glory hog football coach, and I'm guessing he sorta acts that way in real life because it pulled it off way too well. Amy Smart and Ali Larter rounded off the female cast perfectly as the two polar opposites of each other (smart as the Virginal wholesome girlfriend and Larter as the stuck up cheerleader slut) and they always pull off good performances with whatever role they do. All the side characters were all played very well and gave you an idea on how obsessed and crazy these people in texas really are about their high school football. This movie blends the drama,comedy and the sports action perfectly and doesn't let up. The movie as a whole never gets boring and I can see myself watching this again soon because its just that good. The one negative thing about this movie is that it sorta feels way too short, like they wrapped everything up way too fast. I wanted to spend more time with these characters and I can't say that about most movies I watch. That being the only negative thing I can think of, I'd say this movie is doing pretty good and holds up very well for a movie that's 12 or 13 years old. If you haven't seen this yet and waited forever to see it like me... I'd day do yourself a favor and netflix don't be disappointed.

John L (mx) wrote: I saw this movir on TV zand it's OK.

Greg S (us) wrote: Fellini's fragmented "free adaptation' of Petronius' epic poem (much of which is lost) jumps around depicting adventures in the Roman world, from a decadent orgy/feast to the theft of a hermaphrodite demigod(dess), with a minotaur in between. Almost impossible to follow but always gorgeous to look at, it's a major indulgence from a major director; when extraordinary talent indulges itself, the results are usually worthwhile.