The Accused

The Accused

A prim psychology professor fights to hide a murder she committed in self-defense.

A beautiful psychology professor tries to hide a self-defense killing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan S (gb) wrote: I'm not one to hand out half stars because i honestly don't believe in them, it's either full stars or no stars. This is the first WWE film starring a wrestler that A) doesn't even look recognizable and B) he is barely in the freakin' movie. Nothing about this poster makes absolute sense when watching the movie. I clarified that Hornswoggle looks nothing like a Leprechaun. The franchise brand Leprechaun is used solely for promotion because over the years WWE Films haven't done so well since John Cena did The Marine. The tagline clearly states The Fear Starts Here, so that will grab your interest because seeing the Leprechaun will bring back memories from years ago. what you're going to get from Leprechaun: Origins is in all honesty a completely different atmosphere of a movie. There is no comedic little Leprechaun that Warwick Davis portrayed in the series, it's more like a naked alien chimp that doesn't speak but only growls. The cast is worthless and they make it feel like they were on a very tight budget. It mentions that they backpack through the landscape of Ireland, nowhere do u see them enjoying Ireland, they wind up in a small little village at a local pub talking history facts. Yes, there's gold in the movie, but the only time this film has any connections to the actual franchise is when she finds the coins somewhere close to the end of the film.. so between the start of the film and the end of the film it's basically a whole different sci-fi-ish idea. If i were you me lucky charmers, i would suggest in getting your hands on the pot of gold collection of Leprechaun and let Warwick Davis entertain you this Halloween season..

Jeff N (kr) wrote: I hate horror movies where they give away everything in the beginning. I hate horror movies where the main protagonist is the least interesting character. I hate horror movies where the only reason you jump is because the sound effects are amped up super high on the kill scenes. There is absolutely nothing here you haven't seen a million times. But the acting is good and it does move at a fairly crisp pace. Not the worst movie it 30 Days of Night Light

Stephen M (kr) wrote: Not a bad story, it hunaizes the man before he bacame the monster. Whereas Dracula was alsways preceieved as a leader in his own right... This film shows he is merely just another tool by an ancient evil. My expectations were low considering all the vampire stories these days... I gotta say it was entertaining. I'd like to see where a sequel will go.

Kevin V (gb) wrote: Before the wise cracking Ellen Page that we now know, there was this cute and "normal" role. Creative and fantastic ensemble cast of Canadian actors!

Alex C (de) wrote: un long pisode de la culture du X. ca parle de cul toute le long. l'acting est sans passion et la ralisation est platonique et prtentieuse. Long, sans intrt mme si on voit quelques paires de seins. Un finale en queue de poisson m'a confirmer que ce film tait une belle perte de temps...

ray r (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Wasnt expecting much but its very entertaining altho fairly strange, didnt take itself too seriously and the acting / cast is good.

Malcolm C (br) wrote: a guy shoots a missle outta his eye socket. AWESOME!!

Gabriel Arthur P (gb) wrote: Made back when it was diagnosable schizophrenic behaviour to say that the NSA was spying on you. Soft sci-fi premise with cool and believable characters. Lots of laughs. Upbeat. Great camera work and score.

Alan F (ru) wrote: Rather stupid in my opinion

John H (us) wrote: This is a great movie, underappreciated by my book.

Robert H (es) wrote: Not a perfect film in any respect, Christmas Evil is a welcomed adition to regular viewings come the holiday season. It mixes fantasy and the magic of Christmas with mental health issues and good old fashion slasher fun. The opening and closing of the film do have you wondering about the back story of this killer Kringle and one has to wonder, is he perhaps actually fullfilling the wishes of good old St. Nick? Then again, he's mostly portrayed as a mentally unstable individual who just happens to go over the deep end. But isn't that the magic of movies and Christmas... you just have to believe ;)

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Brannigan is a disappointing film. It is about Chicago police lieutenant Jim Brannigan who is sent to the UK to escort organized crime boss Ben Larkin back to the USA. John Wayne and Richard Attenborough give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Douglas Hickox did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Gregory W (us) wrote: good stuff great cast

Skyler I (us) wrote: This was a great movie up until the end. It could have been so much better.

Bradley K (gb) wrote: This bleak procedural is in many ways is the opposite of the film Se7en. A big city cop goes to the sticks to find redemption. If Se7en is a narrative from the perspective of the young, optimistic atheist trying to make future and understand a perversely moralistic killer then this is a film from the perspective of a struggling yet pious man trying to reconcile the past and understand an irrational and amoral killer. And while this film is obtuse at times it is a promising work of a director with much potential. Great central performances.

Alessandro C (fr) wrote: all the common places in one movie (including the "take meeeee instead").

Linda H (gb) wrote: Loved the cast, the settings, and the script. I loved this movie. Wanna be critics flog yourselves. You're too stuck up for comedy. This movie was fun and creative. Chill out with this refreshing story.