The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes

The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes

At a morgue, forensic pathologists conduct autopsies of the corpses assigned.

At a morgue, forensic pathologists conduct autopsies of the corpses assigned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (it) wrote: Jack Reacher: Never Watch Again.

Coetta H (it) wrote: Wasn't what I expected. More of a musical.

Patina R (ca) wrote: half because i couldn't go any lower, if they would have ran with the real story of the killings instead of the damn crocodile, it might have shown promise

Tony B (jp) wrote: Well produced and acted with a deep sad story but I did not like the editing, the back and forth between different dates and locations felt random and were confusing, but a high quality production overall.

KwonRyoon L (gb) wrote: This movie was some type of reward. I've got no interest in watching it.

Matt M (it) wrote: While Jungle Fever is still admirable and interesting, Spike Lee weakens the film by giving into too many of his excesses.

Jason F (ca) wrote: A documentary about comic books, okay I'm game. This film explores where they came from to where they are now. Although the film was off to a good start it lost my interest when they spent a lot of time on underground comics, that although they play an important role, they should not be a major focus. What I liked best about this documentary is that they brought up the infamous comic book controversy of the 50's. For those of you that are not aware in the 50's comic books got the blame for juvenile delinquency, similar as to how video games today take that honour. This film covers the infamous senate hearings on comic books (yes there were senate hearings), and even the testimony of one Dr. Fredrick Werthram *cough* dumbass *cough*. Although they rarely went into Werthram's infamous book [u]The Seduction of the Innocent[/u], which played a key role to American social history of the 20th century. As a comic book fan I found myself somewhat bored at times. There was nothing in this film that I did not already know. Although it might proove interesting to someone just getting into the hobby, many collectors and non collectors would probably be bored. There was nothing in it that really did it for me. This was one of those disappointments that tries to proove that something is a good thing, but never succeeds.

Henric W (es) wrote: the only weak part to me was the car ride to germany, although the count up to ten was very good. liked the first shot of dr mesmer in the basement with the light and all

Henrysmovieguide C (de) wrote: Not that great, honestly. While Arnold is a good actor, his talent is not well displayed here. Just kind of stupid.

Claire T (nl) wrote: I loved this movie, I thought Martin Lawenrence was good and Luke Wilson (Owen Wilson's brother appeared in the film) it was a good movie but I don't want it on DVD, it was an ok movie

Shamus G (gb) wrote: This highly underrated horror jaunt succeeds at three things - for one, it does a solid job setting up major plot devices, allowing for seamless transitions into the second and third acts without leaving the viewer's interest behind along the way. Secondly, the script is surprisingly well down, almost always opting to go beyond the traditional temptations of the format. Rather than relying solely on the jump scares and supernatural elements, the film utilizes the themes of divorce and familial discourse as a bedrock for plot elements. Third - the characters are easy to root for. Morgan's character is a lone wolf for the majority of the picture, making him the easiest to root for. Unlike other exorcist subjects, Calis' character seems to relish in the possession she's under and her family is cold towards Morgan, which does make it easier to be more apathetic towards them when they feel the pinch of their stupidity. They do however, come to their senses and are easier to root for from there. In short, a solid and underrated thriller I didn't expect to like, but now I'll be eager to watch again.

Dr F P (us) wrote: Holy crap this is a gloriously hilarious murder spree held together by god of poise, Vincent Price. The ending is such utter cheese that I can't help but love it!