The Admirable Crichton

The Admirable Crichton

When a Lord and family are shipwrecked on an island their butler becomes a king.

When a Lord and family are shipwrecked on an island their butler becomes a king. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tina P (au) wrote: The description of the film attached to this post is nowhere near detailed enough or on point enough to get across how searing the experience of watching it is on the emotions of the viewer. For me, this is a true horror film. I could not bear to look at the screen at the end, felt physically sick frequently throughout and think it is one of the most essential viewing experiences of my life; both for cinematic quality and human interest. This is so much more than a treatise on the filter through which we view the world. This is profoundly political; simultaneously questioning the reasons for war and the effect such conflict has on every participant, whether civilian or combatant, on whichever side of the division. No person can experience sustained violence and not be affected; the different personalities which develop and break in the conflict have almost inevitable terrible consequences. The reasons for the actions of all the characters are clearly laid out in the sparse yet telling character development in a deep and efficient script. It makes me angry, afraid and very glad I saw it. Deeply, deeply affecting.

Misty (mx) wrote: it was to predictable for me

Cameron T (ca) wrote: What town treats Christmas like it's a religion? This one apparently. If you refuse to submit to our lord and savior Frosty the Snowman, you will be shunned, harassed, name-called, beaten and overall bullied until you give in.

Irish L (ag) wrote: This film is just awesome! The actors were good. They had me laughing for the most part of the movie. But of course, it's inspiring as well. I Love it!!! everyone, lds or non-lds should watch this film.

Scott C (ru) wrote: This is memorable and interesting. It might have been a tad dry, hence the lower rating. Wouldn't mind seeing it again one day though.

Tanner B (mx) wrote: -IGNORE THIS "OUT OF FIVE" RATING3.5/4Series takes a unique turn towards comedy in this tremendously entertaining movie. The crew travel in time to the 20th century to save future Earth. Fourth Trek film has some laugh out loud moments and many amusing scenes; great fun. Some Star Trek fans consider this to be the best in the series. Kudos to Mr. Spock for directing this.

James H (br) wrote: Delightful story, with some wonderful musical numbers and songs, as well as Mickey Rooney's boundless energy and Judy Garland's immense talent. Fun, well produced and touching. A great and memorable classic.

Jonathan Y (us) wrote: the only thing that was wrong with the movie in my opinion (as someone who is ignorant when it comes to french) was i couldn't understand it. that was the only flaw i could find

jimmy m (nl) wrote: briliant real animation film from the disney studios

Solomon G (au) wrote: Fun little nonsense movie. Sure, you've seen movies like this before, but this one is worth a viewing or two.

Bruce B (de) wrote: I love genre-bending movies, and especially those that mix horror with comedy. That puts me dead center of the target demographic of this film. The plot is pretty silly and there certainly isn't enough action for anyone looking for scares. What saves it is the script. It's witty and never takes itself too seriously. The characters are all foils for one another, setting up some of the most entertaining dialog of any movie I know.The plot revolves around a 30 foot Asian crocodile somehow winding up in a lake in Maine - go figure. What makes the movie are the characters assembled to do something about it. Bridget Fonda is an annoying paleontologist who's never before ventured out of her museum. Here, she plays both the archetypal fish out of water as well as potential romantic interest for the local game warden, played by Bill Pullman. The essential characters are rounded out by Brendan Gleeson's dour sheriff, Oliver Platt's rich and eccentric mythology buff, and Betty White as the colorful local little old lady with a secret or two.As I said, reduced to a plot outline, it's pretty unimpressive, but the verbal barbs that fly back and forth between the characters are what make the show. It's an "action/horror" movie I could watch with my eyes shut and still enjoy. 5 Stars 11-05-13

La Quinta F (fr) wrote: The movie portraits abortion as something very light, as if she was getting rid of a mosquito. The jokes of this woman lacked class and I don't think this drunk girl can be a good example for any young woman. I regret the way woman are portrait-ed here and its a shame that our world is losing sensibility and humanity. I found this movie insulting.