The Adventurers

The Adventurers

Andy was a child when his parents murdered by a double agent in Cambodia, Ray Lui. Andy was raised by his dad's best friend. When he grew up, he became a pilot while Ray powerful and rich. Knowing the only link of Ray is his daughter. While pretending a criminal boss to impress Ray and getting closer to his daughter, he fell in love with his daughter and married her. Solid actioner by Ringo Lam with Andy Lau, Wu Chien-lien, Paul Chun Pui and Rosamund Kwan. Shot in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and San Francisco.

Andy was a child when his parents murdered by a double agent in Vietnam, Ray Liu. Andy was raised by his dad's best friend. When he grown up, he became a pilot and Ray was a very powerful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trey B (de) wrote: A great follow up to a good start!

Phil H (it) wrote: Yep I didn't know they had made a film either!. Guess what? its sucks ass a lot less than 'Street Fighter', about as good as 'Mortal Kombat' but miles better than 'Double Dragon' and 'Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li'.OK firstly, the fights are actually quite good, most of them do in fact copy many moves from the game very well and there appears to be no camera tricks either, actually impressed there. Very little blood of course as this is aimed for a young audience which is a shame as an adult version could of been quite good.Right characters, hmmmm well you can't include every character of course so they include most of the main popular guys n gals, 'Jin', 'Yoshimitsu', 'Fury', 'Nina', 'Eddie', 'Law' etc...and to be honest SOME of the cast do look the part and look half decent eg. 'Fury', 'Jin', 'Law' and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as 'Heihachi'. The rest I'm afraid look daft eg. 'Raven' looking the worst in his gay sparkly outfit. Cast wise its all unknowns to me apart from Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who always hams it up something beautiful and is good as 'Heihachi' and Luke Goss who does nothing really. Much like all other video game adaptations in the beat em ups' genre most of the cast are pretty dire but look pretty and there's always one reasonable big name.Lastly the plot and film, well its crap really innit, the plot is just a selection of fights between the fighters with a luke warm story in the background about the Tekken company ruling the US in a distopian future (like so many better sci-fi films) where 'the company' is seen as evil and only one man can topple it...'Jin'. Its turd and very basic with predictable outcomes, fight results and ending. It does help if you know the video game of course but I'm sure they have messed up that side too but I'm not fully up to date on the game plot anymore.Lots of 'A-Team' like action throughout due to it being aimed at kids, shame, not many bullet holes on view, plenty of faceless drone like henchmen being killed, obvious sets, a little bit at the end credits and small character hints for the fans throughout. Sequel?? yes its set up for one but like 'Street Fighter II' its so dire I doubt they will be allowed to make another.

SHERRI (es) wrote: Honestly, I'm not really big on gay movies. However, I have to say this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is subtitled, so you have to read it, but it is really worth it. This woman's husband is killed and she finds out that he had been having an affair and she finds out it was with another man. Then they become friends. It is rated R for some certain scenes.

Paul W (ag) wrote: How is it that this sleeper of a movie has been around for twenty-plus years and I never heard of it till now? There's a made-for-TV vibe to it, but let me tell you, once the story begins to unfold you'll be on the edge of your seat right up to the closing credits. What hooks you is that you don't know any more than Anthony Edwards' character does. And all he knows is that the guy on the other end of a ringing pay phone he just happened to pick up says a nuclear war is starting and that LA will be hit in an hour and ten minutes. Suspense, panic and societal breakdown ensue, and the ending . . . well, it's actually pretty damn good.

Christopher H (ca) wrote: Unforgettable film. first time in theater 15 yrs old. Just now at 52 finally I own it, so true to life back then. Probably now also...

Kyle M (jp) wrote: It's short with little amount of light-hearted gags and not enough power to stir up as a side-splitting comedy, but it's the Marx Brothers at their usual hilarity. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Another V (us) wrote: Charlie Wilson's War is enlightening. Doing whatever it took to stop the spread of Communism, to stop the USSR from gobbling up more satellites, even if it meant putting weapons into the hands of Mujaheddeen, basically arming the locals. Arming Mujaheddeen seems to have been American policy for quite some time.That well-intentioned policy came back to bite our nation on September 11th 2001, because not every Holy fighting faction was just about independence. Some were about spreading their fanaticism to us as well. But that topic is for another movie.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: ***It's entertaining but simply ridiculous, taking a relatively grounded franchise and turning it into one that has barely any realism.

Chayc (au) wrote: Rob Lowe is perfect as the seductive, diabolical antagonist. A fun movie that holds up.