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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

An account of Baron Munchausen's supposed travels and fantastical experiences with his band of misfits.

The fantastic tale of an 18th century aristocrat, his talented henchmen and a little girl in their efforts to save a town from defeat by the Turks. Being swallowed by a giant sea-monster, a trip to the moon, a dance with Venus and an escape from the Grim Reaper are only some of the improbable adventures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen torrent reviews

Pavan K (ru) wrote: detailed, harsh, but clear..

Dave G (ca) wrote: Very nice feel good movie.

Andree H (au) wrote: based on the book, a story of life & living

Caitlin L (br) wrote: An alright movie. Not that great.

Demetrius N (ag) wrote: One of the worst remakes ever if not the worst.

Jeff S (jp) wrote: This is my favorite move!!

dan b (es) wrote: I give "The Finger" to anyone who says they don't love this surfin' classic.

Joseph L (mx) wrote: The Ghost rider looks is better than the one in the first movie, but in just about every other aspects, this movie manages to become even worse in quality, while tainting ghost rider's reputation even further.

Kara H (mx) wrote: That was some funny stuff.

Jocey D (us) wrote: It's as entertaining and hopeful as the first instalment. It's well acted with a superb cast, albeit a bit thin on plot.

Jimmy G (nl) wrote: Really good movie. John Malkovich great as always. Good story to it I really liked it.

TMS S (ru) wrote: Great follow up! / Prequel

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