The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Ford "Mr. Rock n' Roll Detective" Fairlane is experiencing problems, and it's not with the opposite sex. One of them is that all the rock stars pay him with drum sticks, koala bears, food processors and bicycle shorts. Another one of them is that all his employers that want him to find a girl named Zuzu Petals get killed. Why didn't he become a fisherman's detective instead?

Ford Fairlane defines himself as a "rock' n 'roll" detective who works in the music business, chasing around the rock clubs of Hollywood, picking up women and clients. Stunned when the king of shock-jocks, and also his only paying client Johnny Crunch, is electrocuted on the air, just after he hired Ford to find a missing teenage groupie name Zuzu Petals, the unlikely detective finds himself get caught in a case involving with a cruel corrupt record executive, a clueless cop and former disco star and a ruthless hit man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (it) wrote: In 1963, BBC Head of Serials Sydney Newman(Brian Cox) is looking to fill a time slot on Saturdays around 5:00 pm. Along that line of thought, he has a science fiction program in mind, to be produced by his former protege Verity Lambert(Jessica Raine). She in turn hires Waris Hussein(Sacha Dhawan) to be the show's first director and William Hartnell(David Bradley, who is superb), a veteran character actor who was looking for a change of pace, to be its star. All of which Newman approves of, just as long as there are no bug eyed monsters... "An Adventure in Space and Time" is a mostly inspired look at the early years of Doctor Who, saluting its heroes.(Sydney Newman also having developed "The Avengers," one of my other all-time favorite shows, makes him eligible for sainthood in my book.) Instead of dampening the magic of the show in this lively backstage look, this docudrama actually adds some magic of its own, while thankfully having little nostalgia for the time period involved. One part of that is the constant change involved with Doctor Who that William Hartnell who enjoyed a winter revival with the show felt increasingly worn down by, along with his poor health.(It's a nice touch that there are also mentions of some of his other roles.) That leads me into the only serious problem I have with this movie. From what has been written elsewhere but not really alluded to here, the Doctor was actually a co-lead character with Ian Chesterton in the first two years of the program, with Hartnell actually not being in a huge chunk in the serial 'The Keys of Marinus' from season one.

Kurt F (kr) wrote: 2/11/17 This story of the Nazis is pretty fascinating. Some of the details on what is going on and how their plan would actually work are very hazy, but it is still interesting to watch their actions unfold. I had heard about this plot through a History channel show, but that only went through the "physics" of how the main "event" in the film happened (obviously, I'm trying not to give it away). It also annoyed me at the end that they left off some key "dates" on main characters and what actually historically happened to them. It made me think, well, is that character just fabricated for the purpose of the film then? Anyway, the story is great, but I could see how some would think it could have been done better.

Jacob1220 (ag) wrote: This one I actually enjoyed even now having rewatched it .From the opening shot to the soundtrack you already know this is going to be a bigger movie than the first and I was right .The cast one again shines .Scooby looks better .the effects ..meh but still didn't bother me .The cast felt more like the gang I grew up to love .The villain was more menacing .The stakes were higher. The jokes were still there but doesn't move away from the movie .Overall its a stupid movie again but it's smart in a way and fun .Plus what happened to the infamous Go Go boots that's a question we might never know.

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