The Adventures of Marco Polo

The Adventures of Marco Polo

The Venetian traveler (Gary Cooper) meets Kublai Khan and foils a plotter (Basil Rathbone) with fireworks in medieval China.

Marco Polo travels from Venice to Peking, where he quickly discovers spaghetti and gunpowder and falls in love with the Emperor's daughter. The Emperor Kublai Khan is a kindly fellow, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Adventures of Marco Polo torrent reviews

Moe R (fr) wrote: Sounds silly, yet interesting.

Irene S (es) wrote: i really did not enjoy this sequel to the original. just as bloody as the first one the only thing that prevented me from giving it a lower score was the bad ass female warriors in this film. great sword fighting and the women kick butt.

Robert M (it) wrote: beacuse it 4 house and 32 min that would be the most boring movie ever even know that music box flims make good movie this i am not seeing of it running time 4 hours and 32 min.

Sunder S (es) wrote: The end was too predictable and the second half ineffective - trying hard to be different to the point that it stopped being different.

Tina P (it) wrote: Good source for a paper on death anxiety.

Emily C (jp) wrote: "Circle of Destiny" is a must see for any Fritz Lang fan. =)

Cody B (ca) wrote: Great movie. Has a family feel to me. For an older movie it's a great movie. Super cool acting and even better story!!

William W (nl) wrote: Far from their best, but always enjoyable seeing the great duo together, this time saving a visiting young king from a covert assassination attempt, while trying to prove worthy of their ancestors' butler and chef heritage. The climax in which the three heroes are endangered is quite good.

Cody M (ru) wrote: An entertaining movie all around due to its quest and the two leads.

Joshua D (ca) wrote: It has some nice animation--but the writing is a self-indulgent, unfocused mess. Was Ari Folman surrounded by nothing but yes-men who couldn't speak English?