The Adventures of Mimi

The Adventures of Mimi

Concert footage of Mariah Carey in Anaheim, California.

Concert footage of Mariah Carey in Anaheim, California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Weng S (de) wrote: Chinese version Sherlock Holmes. Not too bad.

Numna S (de) wrote: Of Time and the City is a very introspective and insightful look at director Terence Davies, a man whose past led him to believe hatred would be all he found when returning to Liverpool after 35 years. Davies attempts to dissect the reasons why he left Liverpool in the first place (namely the surge of Rock and Roll and his hatred of the Catholic Church) and how they impacted his life. He does this in the film by giving short spurts of dialog mixed with images and different pieces of music that influenced the period he is reminiscing about. While the film has no plot or even a real time line to speak of, Davies reveals so much about his youth and struggles that you cannot help but be entertained by what you're listening to. Even if you don't agree with his words (of love them to death, like I did), you're learning more about a man you've never met than you probably know about your own friends. The kind of details he reveals delve into thoughts of homosexuality, how British royalty was essentially corrupt and how ridiculous the entire prospect of religion is. It's very enlightening to see a man not afraid to bear everything to people he'll never even meet. The selection of music may not be personal, but it does keep a lot of the scenes moving along. There are lots of periods of time where nothing but images will be on the screen, so Davies tries to pick songs that will help maintain the flow of what he last said. Things like Anton Bruckner, The Hollies and even The Beatles are cycled through and you really wind up drifting into a thought of your own and reflecting on what Davies revealed about himself. The downside to this style of documentary is that Davies really gives you no reason to ever want to rewatch this film, or even stick through it once. While it may be captivating, is there any reason why you need to know about him? He doesn't even ever state why he suddenly enjoys Liverpool again. The film is also incredibly depressing, even if most critics will tell you a sort of dark comedy exists. Davies gives no positive outlook on the events of his life and what he sees for the future other than that people will always find a way to live. So while I enjoyed myself a lot during this film, I can't recommend it to anyone. It's a solid film, but no something that a lot of people will find intriguing.

Esperana N (ca) wrote: not the greatest christmas movie ever but is not so bad! is basicly about what really matters at the time, family and stuff!

Carla S (gb) wrote: Dangerous bunch of fellas.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Eficiente thriller , dirigido con la maestria de Ridley Scott sin ser una gran pelicula entretiene.

Andreas G (jp) wrote: Timeless. One of my favorite prison films.Grabs you from the first minute.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Broad comedy at a Jamaican resort hotel.

Joseph T (de) wrote: Great neo-noir! I absolutely loved the moody, gritty poetry of the first 7/8ths, a little less keen on it once it became more of a straightforward thriller and raced a little too quick to it's conclusion. But even then, it was still damned entertaining, and a great closing shot.

Kendra J (kr) wrote: That's one star for the surprisingly catchy theme song by The Supremes, another star for the presence of Vincent Price, and a half a star for having the comedic team of Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman. There's no way around it, this movie is ridiculous, but like previous "Beach Party" departure films, this movie is aware of its ridiculousness. Vincent Price is a mad scientist who came up with the kooky idea of making sexy robotic women who can marry rich men allowing him to reap the rewards. Mild hilarity ensues of course.Vincent Price is in rare form with his overacting, but with such material, can one really blame him? There are a few genuinely funny moments, a couple of great in-jokes referring to past "Beach Party" movies, the only big flaw is that it takes far too long before Dwayne Hickman and Frankie Avalon team up.

Joanna K (gb) wrote: A very funny romantic musical comedy, although it was a little heavy on the music for my taste.

kevin c (de) wrote: For a movie like this, there simply HAS to be leaps of logic. But there's a difference between two guys sending a car up a ramp and into the air to destroy a helicopter and writing a story that deliberately makes a choice to eschew offering perfectly logical reasoning in order to tell a greater story unencumbered by the limits of our current understanding. Chappie is a film that asks essential questions that are at the core of human experience - why are we here? why do we live just so we can die? what is being alive? That it does so through a robot makes it no less an allegorical tale like those told for millenia - and it does it well.

The Phantom C (fr) wrote: Wings feels slightly hammy at times, but it's still entertaining.

Sanity Assassin (kr) wrote: the most amusing version of sherlock holmes. kingsley and caine make it worth watching, but don't put off watching other stuff to see this. it's for a quiet afternoon when there's not much else to do. alot of the jokes are repetitive and the slap-stick becomes tiresome quickly