The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles

The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles


The story revolves with Pura, (Melai) who plays the comedic role of a bubbly, caring, kind-hearted, very hardworking “dakilang ate” who wants nothing but only the best for her one and only beloved brother, Ulam, and uplift their dismal life. In all her endeavors, Pura’s best friend, Ruben (Jason Francisco), has always been by her side. Pura and Ruben then stumbles into a one-time big time opportunity to usher a Brazilian model who manages to escape them. With this unfortunate turn of event, Pura steps into the role … literally. She is now the model Pureza Mayriles! Basking in the promise of a better fortune plus a serendipitous love, little did Pura know that she has dragged herself into a life-threatening mess? Now running for their lives, Pura and Ruben has to detangle themselves from the dangers that faces them and how! Read More: The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of The Riles Trailer | Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles torrent reviews

Arthur V (es) wrote: Did I ever tell anyone I'm in love with Na-jeh? Of course i have! <3

elysia (us) wrote: Magical realism is my genre of choice and as an example of the genre this film works very well. Unexpected elements are not completely jarring although some moment prompt unintended chuckles. I was frustrated by the main character's maternal journey (she says she and her daughter are a team but little lisa seems to bear more of the burden of keeping their little family running than she should have to) but only in a way that I would be frustrated with a real person. The characters are all complex and fairly well developed and you still feel for them/are dissappointed in them in a realistic way even as the more fantastic elements of the story take over.a weird little treat.

Mubari S (br) wrote: This is one of those movies that made me hate myself for not knowing the French language. Even though I was bursting out laughing at the subtitles, I was wishing every second that I didn't had to depend on somebody's translation to get all the jokes. Great movie, very well acted and never gives you a chance to feel bored. It's a funny ride all the way from South of France to the Dreaded North. Hilarious.

Calum R (mx) wrote: Prior to watching this film, I really wanted to like it, as a huge fan of Irritu's previous and modern works, I went in with high hopes, but was ultimately let down. Critically the film seems to be a hit-and-miss film, some love it, some don't, and whilst I completely respect the intricate and poignant character study that infuses the film's plot, the first two hours of the film just made for a somewhat tedious tale, trying a little too hard to connect all these stories. In my opinion the sub-plot set in Japan was completely unnecessary and wasn't needed in conjunction with the other three plots in Morocco and Mexico / America, with that removed it would have made for a much more fluid script and a movie that didn't drag out. The flaws aside, the performances are fantastic, the direction is flawless and the film has a truly gritty and realistic feel to it, and the final 20 minutes when all the stories wrap up, make for an intriguing finale, but the first couple hours just dragged on a little too long and did nothing to make me become immersed within the movie. Worth a watch, but in comparison to Irritu's other works, 'Babel' is subpar.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: probably one of the worst movies I've seen. it's like a really bad poolhall junkies, but trying to be super bad ass. I called the ending at the opening scene. predictable and boring. prinze jr. should be shot.

Jessica H (br) wrote: this film is a joke,

Pragmatic H (ru) wrote: john "the duke" wayne plays the leader of a tem of wild game hunters in africa. they hunt, trap, scheme, drink, dance and are engaged in romance. there are plenty of beautiful landscape and wildlife shots as well as hi-speed cinematography as the guys drive their jeeps. top it all of with original music by henry mancini, and you've got yourself a fine film. i recommend it as 2.5 hours well spent!

Johan A (br) wrote: Blandad upplevelse, men trots det en sevrd film. Jag minns inte boken s bra (lste den tidigt 80-tal), men har en stark knsla av att man tagit sig stora friheter med den. Filmen bygger ocks p en Broadwy-berabetning, och inte romanen. Med detta sagt har den verkligen sina frtjnster. Walter Housston r briljant i huvudrollen, och historien funkar p sina egna vilkor. Ruth Chatterton r naturligtvis bra, men har man sett henne som bst (i "Female"), gr det lite ont att hon ska vara en bortskmd, gnllig fru till nn. I dagslget knns det vl kanske inte hellr hundra procent trovrdigt att det som ska vara mest vinnade med huvudpersonen r att han r en hejare p att f fart p bil- och flygindusrin. Men filmen r ju trots allt gjord fr mer n sjuttio r sen. Vxer en del mossa p den, men synnerligen sevrd fortfarande, om inte annat s fr Walter Huston.

Adam T (nl) wrote: I liked this movie despite its apocalyptic cliches and heavy emphasis on sex. Not that I'm a prude but it shows how shallow the lead character is that he chooses a hedonistic rave party over spending the end of the world with his girlfriend. It succeeds visually ( the film is set in Perth, a parched, sun-drenched city in Western Australia which lends itself to the subject). There is a strong, searing dry atmosphere throughout the movie and this gives it 'feeling' in spite of the lead character's questionable moral tendencies and selfish nature.

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