The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood


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Steve K (jp) wrote: Excellent documentary!

Karishma B (au) wrote: If you want a sign not to fuck with people's lives and emotions this is it.

Lucile D (ru) wrote: Good film. Yes, probably, the world at times is more mad than the mad house... but having said that, I have never found the mad house a mad place... that's just me perhaps...

Nathan H (ag) wrote: So I recently watched the mini-series "Into the West," a fairly epic look at a full century of violence and conflict and tragedy as a result of American expansionism. While the filmmakers re-created the San Francisco Gold Rush, the murder and destruction of Kansas settlers by Missouri slave-owners, and the massacre at Wounded Knee, I thought they missed a great opportunity by failing to show how the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints impacted (and was impacted by) westward expansion. There's so much potential there...And then I came across "September Dawn," and I thought it might make a nice complement to "Into the West." Here we'd have a film that would show us the violence born of conflict between Mormon settlers and Christian pioneers. But "September Dawn" never really lived up to my expectations, particularly because it felt more like it wanted to be a shocking documentary than a character-based drama. It seemed more interested in showing Brigham Young's testimony and connection the cold-blooded massacre of Christian settlers, even though Young was never an important part of the story itself, than it did in fleshing out the protagonists. At times, it even seemed uncomfortably close to an anti-Mormon propaganda piece, a film whose sole purpose is not to explore how these events affected/impacted the characters at the story's core, but a film that instead simply wants to shout, "Hey! Look at how bad the Mormons are!" If you want to know the flaws of the Mormon Church, read "Under the Banner of Heaven." Or, perhaps, someone might someday make a good documentary about the Mountain Meadows Massacre someday. Every church has its problems, its hypocrisies, its dirty past, but there's got to be more to a piece of historical fiction than simply "exposing the dirty past."So the major flaw here is this: if a filmmaker's sole purpose in creating a piece of fiction is to actually create social commentary, why not just write a book as Krakauer did, or film a documentary? Why fiction? Well, I don't know for sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say that the filmmakers were just lazy; they didn't want to be bothered by a rigid adherence to facts, so they just created a loose fictionalized account of the event. And so, overall, they wind up with a lazy and weak film.

Terri H (gb) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Michael D (br) wrote: What? No thanks kiddo, get back to learnin algebra and leave the rock to the big kids.

i am not (gb) wrote: this- is perfection- plain and simple- martin scorsesse and steven spielberg dont have anything on svankmajer- everyone needs to support the czech film industry- seeing as how their goverment passed up a bill that would have tripled the funds for films-

Rafael B (fr) wrote: well... the movie was decent and well done but... THE ENDING WAS JUST STUPID

Scott C (es) wrote: Chow Yun-Fat never really cracked America. This was a boring mess.

Melinda Y (nl) wrote: eh. I liked the first two.

Drustah F (ca) wrote: its kind of slow...but its a good look at life in 1955

thomas m (gb) wrote: A story of diminishing quality

Deke P (fr) wrote: Wd be interesting to see a young beautiful Ann Archer, and Sam Elliot, who i doubt looks a thing like the body in the poster.

Woody W (jp) wrote: Hopper carries over some of his Easy Rider theatrics into this film about an unsuccessful train robber having a go at going straight. He plays a likable character that meanders through the movie getting into mischief here and there while the a-hole sheriff (Ben Johnson) dogs him and anyone else he just does not feel "smells right". Peter Boyle is good as the crazy preacher that also wants to fly in his home made flying machine. In Easy Rider fashion, Hopper has scenes that preach to the audience about his thoughts on civilization and society. Now days, these come off as very lame, but I'm sure at the time in 1973, people were nodding their heads and saying "man, he is right on dude." Not a bad western and entertaining with only a few slow spots, but not a great movie. If you like light hearted westerns and Dennis Hopper, you'll enjoy this film.

Diego Martn (es) wrote: una parodia de actividad paranormal 7/10

Joshua M (de) wrote: not a future classic, but charming and fun.

Patryk C (fr) wrote: In this john Huston classic the suspense is build by the claustrophobic mood and inevitable cataclysm, which is about to abruptly stop all the proceeding event, in this noir tale about gangsters and emphatic romance. Great juxtaposition in the form of Humphrey Bogart vs. Edward G. Robinson, with their ensuing onscreen rivalry. The tension is rising rapidly, as the time is running down inexorably, and the two characters try to settle their differences. On a visual level one of the most impressive noir achievement to date.