The Adventures of RoboRex

The Adventures of RoboRex

When a robot dog from the future pops up in their backyard on a mission to help them, 11-year-old James and his beloved golden retriever, Rex, learn that it is up to them to save the world from Dr. Apocalypse, an evil scientist, and his wily robotic Destructo-Cat.

James Miller has only one friend in the world, his beloved Labrador Retriever, Rex. But when a strange capsule lands in the his backyard and a robot dog emerges, his life will never be the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sui G (au) wrote: Balto?! I haven't seen this movie, or heard of it, in ages. It's an okay movie. They save that little girl. And that's awesome.

Todd S (ca) wrote: In 2006, Dito Montiel made a name for himself by writing/directing the story of his youth in Brooklyn, A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints. In that film and in several others that have since followed, Montiel has shown an amazing ability to take little known stories from his neighborhood, and in amazing detail, tells those stories from multiple angles, introducing the world to complex and amazing stories that to the world, were nothing but a blurbs in the newspaper decades ago. The Son of No One is one of such story, and while it is an amazing one, with an outstanding cast, it's Montiel's attention to detail that ultimately comes back to bite him. Jonathan White (Channing Tatum) has become a New York City Police Officer and he has done so at a somewhat older age than most other people do. There is a bit of a learning curve, but White seems to be catching on quickly, but his education comes to a quick halt when he and his family start receiving messages claiming to know that White killed two people in cold blood. The story here was terrific and unbelievably true, not to mention the cast was impeccable, so what's with the low rating? As I said, Motiel's films are always very detail oriented and focus on all the angles, The Son of No One is no different, however, in this case, they spend to much time on the back story in flashbacks. There isn't enough focus on the events taking place in present day, and when Channing Tatum is on screen, he's usually doing nothing that relates to the case, i.e. arguing with his wife, talking to his partner, learning to be a cop. By the time we get the end, it seems to jump out of nowhere, as if forty-five minutes of the film is just missing somehow. Not to mention the flashbacks are also out of order, further confusing the story. I understand artistic license, but this isn't Pulp Fiction and I was confused for much of this film. That being said, the cast is still terrific and Dito Montiel is one of the most underrated writer/directors in Hollywood. The Son of No One is a miss, but don't let that turn you off to the rest of amazing body of work.

Gerardo A (nl) wrote: I can't believe they even finished this project.

Aubrey S (br) wrote: Can't believe I've waited so long to see this. And Mandy is really great too.