The Age of the Earth

The Age of the Earth

A personal vision of contemporary Brazil and its evolution, with a number of archetypes which recall some of Glauber Rocha's previous films : the Indian, the Colonizer, the Nordeste man, the Worker, the Amazon, the Bourgeois and a black Christ bringing new revolutionary hope for the Third World.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A personal vision of contemporary Brazil and its evolution, with a number of archetypes which recall some of Glauber Rocha's previous films : the Indian, the Colonizer, the Nordeste man, the Worker, the Amazon, the Bourgeois and a black Christ bringing new revolutionary hope for the Third World. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (ag) wrote: I've been scratching my head about this movie since it came out and received positive reviews. The performances are not up to standard and a movie that should feel full of life and passion seemed dull to me. As it is from Ang Lee I revisited it on DVD later and still felt the same way.

Douglas W (ag) wrote: Not really my cup of tea although Chabrol's artistic eye is undeniable and Huppert's performance is real and engaging. I disliked most of the characters, found the plot overly simplistic but respected the way the film was always about its central character and not the broader issues encountered.

Jacob R (jp) wrote: sucked... only good thing was some of the costumes

Javeth P (de) wrote: What are you doing Ben affleck?

Matthew B (es) wrote: Masterful iconography and gripping performances all round,Hirshbiegel's Downfall poignantly recounts, with remarkablehistorical authenticity, the frightening final days of the Third Reich, all in Hitler's Bunker; a thought-provoking film and a work of art.

Jaime R (us) wrote: Haven't seen in years,

Minh L (mx) wrote: good soundtrack, but that's about it

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larry (jp) wrote: very best car driveing movie since smokey and the bandit

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Grant L (gb) wrote: Hilarious but shaky!

Brandon W (br) wrote: The movie has 8 segments to this, let's do it. Valentine's Day: It's directed and written by Kevin Klsch & Dennis Widmyer who did Starry Eyes, and it's about a a teenager who has a crush on her pool coach, and a valentine card went into her locker that seem to be a nice thing to do, although it'll lead to a bad thing. The acting is not that great in it, although the main girl does give some creep factor to it. The score can be cheesy in a funny way, and the ending is just there. The only problem I had was that it didn't really go much with the premise and I have a feeling that it should've went all the way with it or keep the story going. Valentine's Day is a very standard segment that I'm not gonna remember it, even if it has some interesting lighting.St. Patrick's Day: It's directed by Gary Shore who directed Dracula Untold, and it's about a teacher who wants a kid, and the new kid managed to make that wish came true, even if it's not what it may be seem to be. I wasn't looking forward to this as I didn't like Dracula Untold that much, but since he's now a writer for this, maybe it'll be better. The acting is better than the previous one, and it went with it to the end that ended up having more of a story, but what they did with it however, was so ridiculous that I couldn't find it scary nor serious. It wasn't even in a laughable way that I find some amusing parts to it, it was just stupid. St. Patrick's Day was a very weird segment that I'm definitely gonna remember in this movie, even it's for some wrong reasons that wasn't intended for it.Easter: The segment is directed and written by Nicholas McCarthy who also directed and written The Pact, and it's about a little girl who has saw someone come in her house. It's been a while since I saw The Pact, and I remember liking it, but I have no idea if it still hold up right now. Even if so, this was a very creepy segment. Ava Acres is great in it that it's sad that she did better than the older girls from the first segment. The effects look great that doesn't go CGI like the second one did that made it look fake, and I was genuinely getting scared. It had some interesting choices in what it does, and it gets creepy at the end. Easter is much better than the previous ones, and I hope it gets better with the later ones.Mother's Day: The 4th one is directed and written by Sarah Adina Smith who was involved with The Midnight Swim, and the plot is about a girl who kept getting pregnant every time she has sex, and with the help of a doctor, she goes to a place where they'll take care of the situation, and she feels like she's regretting her decision about it. Out of all the segments, this is the one that I'm not familiar with the director as I haven't seen any films that she has done, so I was more open minded to it. The acting is really good in this, and it has a more interesting plot than the first 3 segments as I have no idea where it was going. It wasn't scary however or creepy, it was just weird, but not in a way that took me out of it. When it got to the ending, that's when I got more interested but also irritated at the same time as I wanted the story to continue. Mother's Day is a good segment that I wanted a bit more out of the ending, but I still like what I got out of it.Father's Day: This segment of the film is directed and written Anthony Scott Burns in his first film project, and his story is about a teacher that found a cassette tape which was from her long lost father that she had no idea was even alive. I heard from a reviewer that this was the best part of the film, but I wasn't quite sure at the time if that'll be the case for me, and it was honestly was the best part of the film so far. I really find the mystery of it really interesting with great writing, and the acting from Jocelin Donahue being the one person story and Michael Gross's voice in the tape recorder was great that you can feel the father/daughter relationship that they used to have. The score is really good, and when it lead to the ending, it wanted you to have more of it, but unlike the other segments that could've kept going, this one actually had an ending where you think for yourselves of what you think actually happened. It's not scary by any means, but it's a very interesting take on loss for family that I'm interested to see Anthony Scott Burns's future films that in a way, is like director/writer David Brucker, which is a huge compliment for me.Halloween: This segment is directed and written by Kevin Smith who was involved with lots of movies like Clerks, Red State, Mallrats, Zack and Miri make a Porno, and Tusk, and it's about three girls who are sick and tired of their boss's insult as he gets them to work on a sex cam, and they knocked him out and play a game. This is the segment that I was more curious about as Kevin Smith never made a segment until now, and as his first segment, it's good. Harvey Morenstein was eh at the beginning, but when the situation rises up, he gets better. The actresses are really good, and it's cool to see the director's daughter not use a Canadian accent this time. It is a little messed up, but it's in a funny way, although some times the humor didn't necessarily worked. The text messages are in better use than I thought, and it's interesting to see this as a girl uprising segment, even if it had nothing to do with the holiday other then it takes place during Halloween. Not a bad one by any means, I just expected more from Kevin Smith.Christmas: This holiday is directed and written by Scott Stewart who made Legion, Priest, and Dark Skies, and it stars Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant in this dark comedy segment about a married man who wanted to get a big gift for his son for Christmas, and the guy got the last gift, and the married man managed to get the gift from him, which ended up haunting him for it. I'm quite sure that for Seth Green, he always chooses the films that he wants to be in that we really don't expect him to be in, and so with Scott Stewart involved with this, I wasn't quite sure where it was going, until I finished it and surprisingly enjoyed it. The acting is really good, and the humor in this was probably a bit funnier than Kevin Smith's segment. I like the twist of it at the end that's funny and creepy at the same time, and I honestly thought that it was going to be They Live, which I'm glad they didn't. The only thing that I didn't like, which is common for the previous segments, was the ending as it could've continue, and I was interested to see where it goes, and then it just stops, which got me disappointed. In terms of Scott Stewart's filmography, this is his best so far, and I have a feeling that he should do dark comedies with a little bit of creep factor to it instead of just full horror films or dark action films.New Year's Eve: The last segment is directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer who directed Some Kind of Hate, written by Kevin Klsch & Dennis Widmyer, and the story is about a killer who is in a dating website, and comes across another person that's more of a match than his other date. I wasn't looking forward to this as the writers for this segment is the same for the first one, even if it has a different director, and as the last segment for this film, it didn't end in a bang, but it was a decent way to end it. The acting by Lorenza Izzo and Andrew Bowen was pretty good, and the twist is a good one, even though it was probably obvious for some viewers. The conversations were sort of interesting, and the effects look good. The last segment is a little better than the first one, but it's not a way for me to say that it's the best one. Holidays is a satisfying film that while it has some stinkers in there and it's inconsistent, there's enough good segments in there that overtakes the bad ones, even if I'm not gonna watch it as much as better anthology movies.