The Ages of Lulu

The Ages of Lulu

The Ages of Lulu is a gruelling sensual odyssey from Spanish director Bigas Luna, made immediately prior to his popular trilogy Jamón, jamón (1992), Golden Balls (1993) and The Tit and the Moon (1994). Starting as the somewhat queasy story of the young Lulu's affair with the manipulative Pablo (Oscar Ladoire), the movie takes a much darker turn once they are wed. It is conventional cinematic wisdom that there's no such thing as sex after marriage, but here Lulu's husband incomprehensibly leads her into blindfolded relationships with others, then is heartbroken when she reacts with disgust.

The story of a young woman's descent into the kinky and dangerous sexual underground in Madrid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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laurie O (fr) wrote: delightful, light hearted comedy. a sweet little film.

Jadi P (ag) wrote: saya belom tau mo ngomong,alnya blom nnton,,^^

Julia F (ag) wrote: Pretty good. Great ending. Matt Lanter very hot!

Vinni C (fr) wrote: Espetacular a atuao da menina Nina Kervel-Bey.

Jerry H (nl) wrote: Bella: Though this film was heralded as the best of the year by critics and movie watchers nationwide, I only found it moderately enjoyable. Sure, the story was moving, and the makers showed admirable restraint for a "PG-13" film, but it still felt slightly lackluster, especially with the ambiguous ending. If you have yet to see Bella, it might be worth borrowing from your local library, but I definitely wouldn't recommend purchasing this unless you got it really cheap.Content Concerns: Sex: The whole movie centers around an unmarried woman's unplanned pregnancy, though no one is seen in bed together. 3.5/5 Nudity: Nina's midriff is seen in one scene. 4.5/5 Language: Nina says someone is "such a piece of...", but she is cut off before she can finish that statement. 4.5/5 Drugs: A pregnant woman is seen smoking. A family drinks alcohol at the dinner table, but one person politely refuses because she is pregnant. Nina mentions that she misused drugs as a teen, but only to say how wrong it was. 3.5/5 Violence: A hit-and-run accident kills someone, and the bloody results are briefly seen. A woman bangs her head against a mirror out of stress. 3.75/5 Frightening/Intense Scenes: The hit-and-run incident mentioned above is made even more tragic by the fact that a little girl is the victim, and her mother is shown losing her mind when she sees it. 3/5 Other: In addition to unplanned pregnancy, abortion is mentioned, which is not a kid-friendly theme. Also, some of the dialogue is spoken in Spanish with English subtitles, which would also frustrate young viewers. 3/5Score: 3.5/5

Cory S (mx) wrote: A terrifyingly real glance at our future.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: An okay supernatural thriller with a compelling story on a frequent topic, that'd appeared on paranormal shows ("Ghosts Hunters" and "Ghost Adventures"), turns into a cheesy, horror genre weapon and a center of the debate on whether the EVPs that are heard are credible or not (not including the ones that were voiced by the film's cast). Despite the film supposed to be compelling, its line stays flat like a ghost stays silent with some jumps on the line. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

Janet W (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed it. Kinda makes me laugh because all of us have had the moment in our life where a kid has out smarted us.

Amanda D (mx) wrote: One of those feel good movies that is heart warming but makes you think and examine things in your life. I thank the Independant Film Channel (IFC) for bringing it into my life.

prkprk p (es) wrote: Terribly outdated, uninteresting, and poorly acted. Though I like the premise of showing a (mostly) true, gritty story of the Hollywood Vice Squad, I thought it was presented poorly here. Look elsewhere and skip this dud.

Jc E (de) wrote: An early film made exactly 40 years ago by prodigious and prolific Steven Spielberg. The young and talented Goldie Hawn delights us no end in this comedy that ended tragically. It is a true story. In the sprit of 'Smoky and the bandit', we are entertained by the crazy gun loving trigger happy midwestern culture and the over the top police force for mobilizing 100s of police cars and gun men in pursuit of a couple who just wanted to get to their baby. Goldie Hawn and William Atherton held hostage a young police officer, Michael Sacks and stole his police car. The film is mostly about the wild adventures of them racing across the country towards their destination Sugarland where the baby is cared by foster parents. By the end of the long chase, the hostage police officer experienced Stockholm syndrome and became sympathetic towards the hostage takers' plight and bonded with them during the long chase that ended an ambush. Poor William was shot dead. Goldie didn't get her baby and was devastated. Officer Michael Sacks grieved for his new found friends.

Daniel R (ru) wrote: A young boy goes on a journey with some dwarves in this hilarious fantasy from the wacky mind of Monty Python alumni Terry Gilliam.