The Airborne Trilogy

The Airborne Trilogy

This film can be split into three separate shorts: Part 1: "It Takes More than Powers" High school dork Clay Rudolph isn't prepared to be super when he discovers his extraordinary powers. ...

This film can be split into three separate shorts: Part 1: "It Takes More than Powers" High school dork Clay Rudolph isn't prepared to be super when he discovers his extraordinary powers. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (ag) wrote: Lame, unoriginal, predictable, pointless. Avoid.

Dana C (au) wrote: Interesting how the ethics of the characters conflict, but overall it felt like there was too much forced symbolism.

Dorian D (gb) wrote: Despite the fact that this movie ended so abruptly, I enjoyed it and found myself enchanted with the way it handled Lovecraft's work. Though yes, it would be nice for an actual period-piece, and a big-budget, true-horror adaptation, this film is a gem all its own, and pays homage to the Master of Horror.

Jeremy E (ag) wrote: Click has some great messages about life and the father-son relationship. I really liked the ending, and the scene where he last sees his dad, but the tonal inconsistencies with the constant fart jokes really lower the film for me.

Richard D (au) wrote: Ok. We got good talent behind this. Some cool steampunk visuals and an all star cast, but even that cannot escape two very big things: poor writing and this is a 2 hr movie that should at most be 90. Characters talk to themselves and have repetitive speeches about the good and evil sides of science. While it was interesting for the first 20 minutes or so, after that it just became a drab after the third monologue about scientific morality. Basically two guys invent a ball that more or less contains infinite power and they use three of these to wreak London. Also there is this bratty girl in the movie who abuses animals and even the director forgets about them entirely; and yet were supposed to sympathize with her by the end even though she does nothing but complain.Cool visuals, but even they get old fast with such a weak story.

Allyson H (au) wrote: keira knightley was great, as always

JeanPaul S (ag) wrote: It's just bad enough to be entertaining, but should have been even worse to get more laughs out of it.

Sarfara A (it) wrote: To Sir, With Love Magnificent legendary Sidney Poitier in one of his career's shining roles. He plays an engineering graduate Mark Thackeray (like me :-). As he is on the search for his degree-oriented job, he stumbles upon mere job at inner-city high school. He encounters some unethical and manner-less students, who drive teachers nuts with their hanky-panky and hoax. Adapted from same name, a semi-autobiographical novel by E. R. Braithwaite. Sidney Poitier plays a fine man of discipline, etiquette, codes of ethics, and he is a gentleman. He is discouraged by fellow colleague about mischievous students, but Mark takes it to settle issues with manners and touchy philosophical communication of words to reach students' hearts and minds. There is a scene, where Sidney Poitier loses his temper at his students, he gives outstanding performance there. Sidney Poitier dealt with racial and social issues in two movies in same year of 1967, other being 'In The Heat Of The Night' another gem of brilliance of Sidney Poitier. (Note: Film has famous song To Sir, With Love by Lulu, who also stars in the movie)

Rebecca M (au) wrote: want to c this movie

SteL P (au) wrote: No energy (bad editing ?), everything is so slow. The relathionships between the caracters are completly left out, the complexity of how Griet is acting is not explained, the risks that she is taking which led to the end of the story (the end is different in the book, better in the book), the end of the story is suppose to be tragic but nothing happens here. Nothing of how society rules were followed at that century are really seen. No, it's not a sucessful adaptation. The book gets you into are and into painting, explaining you the techniques, the subptility of painting, how to chose the right colours, what is the appropriate light, the right angle etc, here ? nothing at all.

Cameron M (ru) wrote: Though it's held back by commonplace characters and lackluster dialogue, Sanctum is impressively shot and its double dose of claustro/hydrophobia make it an action-thriller that will have you holding your breath.