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Robert D (gb) wrote: It was great to learn more about an integral member of Mike's team and closest friend. The movie was just a little on the cheesey side, but that did not detract from the overall effect. I am a Bruce Campbel fan and a Jeffrey Donovan fan. I am also a big fan of the seies 'Burn Notice' maybe explaining why I loved this movie.

Dan H (es) wrote: Ok because of series.

Liana S (ca) wrote: It had about 40 seconds that was worth watching and that was the 40 seconds that corresponds with the name of the movie.

Michael D (es) wrote: Very Baz. But about 7 hours too long.

Alex M (mx) wrote: Blend The Non-Stop Comedy Of Dave Chappelle, Some Generosity toward a lucky few in a small town Ohio community and a Boatload Of The Most Talented MC's in Hip-Hop, and You have Dave Chappelles Block Party, a Once in a lifetime event that has no choice but to be epic. From Kanye West Entering the Concert as a Marching band Blasts His Song "Jesus Walks" to The Finish With The Reunited Fugees and Lauryn Hill Sending the Rain soaked crowd home with a lifetime of memories. Maybe it's a good thing that Chappelle Ran To Africa, If not we probably wouldnt appreciate him as much.

Douglas L (ag) wrote: Very fun movie with style, substance and great characters. I was suprised to see it was a Ronny Yu film, it seemed like a Guy Ritchie movie to me.

Brandon S (de) wrote: Wish I could go down the line and go watch this in 1985.

Jake H (es) wrote: This is the outstanding film from the early portion of Fassbinder's career. Katzelmacher is an abstract, analytical representation of the deployment of physical and discursive weapons in capitalistic, surveillance-minded society. The actors operate as automated components of an efficient social machinery that ensures stasis and conformity through the constant, repetitive expression of financial, sexual and physical power relations. The actors are given fixed positions within this network of power relation, and each is prescribed a limited set of acceptable responses to different stimuli. They stand idly like pigeons in a park, dully probe the personal lives of everyone but themselves, reflect on the financial status of everything, and run everything they perceive through a moral processor. Incapable of breaking from this condition of interdependence and automation, they reenact the same scenarios in order to forestall dramatic change and eliminate threats to the power structure. The arrival of Fassbinder's Greek worker prompts a series of extreme physical and discursive attacks aimed at subjugating a perceived sexual and political enemy and restoring normalcy. Pursuing a Brechtian dramatic vision, Fassbinder eschews emotional identification and diminishes all expressive spontaneity to the point at which mundane activities seem perversely inhuman and unfamiliar. Routine gossip becomes ritualistic and purposeful and violence becomes a simple means of designating status. Katzelmacher is definitely the creation of a young and ambitious filmmaker bent on delivering a blunt assault on bourgeois values and methods, and its conceptual breadth is necessarily limited by its exclusive interest in the political functioning of the group. Fassbinder would go on to bigger and better things using more popular cinematic forms, but Katzelmacher stands out as his first great statement.

Kayla L (nl) wrote: I loved this movie! I couldn't believe the ending.

TheMumblelover (es) wrote: Very average film, takes awhile to get going. Christopher Lee doesn't appear till 40 minutes into the film then it starts to get going a bit but still disappoints.

TheComicDoctor (au) wrote: Though a fast and confusing intro. The movie is quite simply brilliant