The Allure of Tears

The Allure of Tears


The Romance film by Barbara Wong tells three touching love stories which are named the :three teardrops.” Each story portrayed by different actors explores the hidden emotions, confusion and desire of today’s young people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Allure of Tears torrent reviews

Shelby C (mx) wrote: This is a great movie, with more than just suspense and horror. Truthfully, I tuned in at first because it was free and said "horror," but kept watching because it turned out to be deeper than just a ghost story- Mystery and based on a child's struggle for friendship and to accept his life.

Matthew W (mx) wrote: Fake version of Astroboy, pretty boring.

Maria U (es) wrote: For those who like every day stories that connect people to one another, this is a simple, yet very heartwarming film. Gorgeous shots of Patagonia, Argentina, with its almost infinite roads, desert plains, villages in the middle of nowhere. Recommended for dog lovers.

Virtual G (es) wrote: i dont wanna say anything about the movie, music, movie and acting speak by its self

Neva B (kr) wrote: The acting was good, the makeup for Mr. S was creepy, and the set provided an eerie atmosphere. I loved Oskar Homuka as the servant. I read the story Sardonicus years ago and was thoroughly creeped out by it. This adaptation does it fair justice. If you have a leech phobia, beware!

Andy P (es) wrote: I went into this film with absolutely no expectations. In fact, the only reason why I went into this film at all was because there was nothing else out that I hadn't already seen or wanted to see, and this had a rather decent cast of veteran comedic actors. I knew nothing about this film other than it was about bird watching (or should I say, birding). That being said, when I came out of the theatre, I was in awe at what a gem of a movie I had just watched. The comedy is underplayed to a terrific effect and while some may criticize the fact that all three actors are essentially playing themselves, I say, how is that a bad thing with a comedy like this? In fact, part of the reason why the film works as well as it does is because of the perfect casting choices across the board. All in all, this film is a terrific surprise and one of the best comedies of the year thus far!

Irene S (es) wrote: wow, what a film. the epimedic of hiv/aids just beginning to take its course, it's 1980 and nobody not even the government is doing anything while thousands upon thousands of men are dying every day. basend on true events, this movie has great actors and storyline and it is produced and directed by Ryan Murphy.

Nicki M (br) wrote: This actually starts off okay. Yes, it's hammy, but I could go with it. Right up until Alice winds up with the nail in her head, I enjoyed this. Then when the political stuff kicks in... Not so much.