The Alphabet

The Alphabet

A woman's dark and absurdist nightmare vision comprising a continuous recitation of the alphabet and bizarre living representations of each letter.

A woman's dark and absurdist nightmare vision comprising a continuous recitation of the alphabet and bizarre living representations of each letter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill A (us) wrote: Not as charming as the original, but it's a perfect example of fan service.

Nick P (jp) wrote: Shaky POV cameras. Aggressive demonic haunting. Creepy collages of arthouse images. There were some redeeming qualities, but having seen documentary-style camera work in maaaaaaaaaaany other films (it's like autotune for movies), this one wasn't anything exceptional or interesting. Sometimes boring, sometimes cool. Decent acting. Watch it or don't.

Chris C (br) wrote: A quirky documentary about a bunch of over-educated parking lot attendants.

Luis Diego R (es) wrote: A good portayal of modern consumist societies and capitalism, and the effect it has on people. Still a little too disgusting and gut-eating-scenes for my taste. Of the three Burce La Bruce films I've seen, this is the one I enjoyed the least.

Luciano G (kr) wrote: Not much plot, no really believable characters, not much in the way of subtext, subtlety, themes, or any of the things that movie viewers like.......worth seeing if you're not easily offended and have a strong stomach, and if you liked Braindead and the Evil Dead films.....

Elida S (ru) wrote: A mother is dying. Four siblings come home, and they realize that inbetween all the bad stuff that they are going through, they can laugh and have fun and smile. A beautiful, strong movie that deserves a watch:)

Eunhae Grace H (fr) wrote: sickest action film seen in a long while

Cameron C (ca) wrote: An enjoyable film that has laughs. Grade Score: B

Daire B (kr) wrote: ill jus luk at it semin dat i lyk cristmas movies

David E (us) wrote: Definately an underrated movie

Shawn W (jp) wrote: The more I see Rothrock, the more I like her. The only bankable female action star of the era that I can think of. Here she participates in a street fighting circuit to make ends meet on top of her waitress salary and helps police track down her sister's killer.

Oreen S (fr) wrote: Fun but unrealistic. He's 27, she's 43. He's Jewish, once upon a time she was Catholic. She's a waitree. He's college educated and in advertising. She's a slob, he's compulsivly next. Who's to say who's right for each other? The couple who are involved. Been there, done that, it has as much chance of surviving as a snowball in hell.

Will D (au) wrote: Ronald, Roger, Charles, Victor, the ninjas

Jeff D (gb) wrote: Great prequel to Liquid Swords.

Callie L (nl) wrote: fun adventurous story

James B (ca) wrote: Very Flawed, but entertaining. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man is the sequel to the 1941 classic The Wolf Man. Unfortunately it does not match the quality of the original. Lon Chaney reprises his role as Larry Talbot, who comes back to life and tries to find a way to be killed once and for all. Bela Lugosi plays Frankenstein's monster, but let's face it, he's no Boris Karloff. Another weird thing is that he was in the first Wolf Man movie as a completely different character. This movie started off good, but then started lagging in the second act. It seems like they could have made a better movie out of this, but they ran out of ideas and for some reason wanted to include Frankenstein's monster. It also confuses me because Frankenstein isn't even in this movie, his daughter(granddaughter?) is, so is his monster, but Frankenstein is dead. Overall, it's an O.K. movie, but it's only for die hard, classic monster movie fans.

Hunter S (it) wrote: So dang hillarious One of the funniest Ferrell movies

Rob W (jp) wrote: Painful, how did it win an Oscar? All the characters are very annoying, it plods and stutters.

Lisa y (gb) wrote: not bad so a older movie... worth watching again if you can find it