The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

A somewhat self-aware zombie takes it upon himself to keep the rest of the walking dead at bay.

A somewhat self-aware zombie takes it upon himself to keep the rest of the walking dead at bay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse torrent reviews

mark d (au) wrote: Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director or Producer Nom'

Hollie D (it) wrote: Jodi Nichols- this movie should thrill you. Stilldont kow what you see in this pompus jerk!

Robert H (ca) wrote: Stop me if you've heard this one... So a bunch of guys go to a secluded cabin in the woods.Oh you have? No good sir, you only think you have.The Corridor is a little Canadian film that breaks free of low budget schlock by creating a smart, viceral, painful and entertaining watch combining science fiction, horror and drama into one beautiful film.I wasn't expecting much from this film when I saw it at Toronto After Dark Film Festival but left the film a true fan.Can't wait to see the next project from these talented folks.

Arnaud C (jp) wrote: Un film d'animation pour enfants, joliment realise mais au scenario leger comme une mouche.

Kimberly M (gb) wrote: I balled my eyes out in the end. I LOVED IT!!!! you know when you say you get teary eyed but you never really cry? well, i litterally cried, the whole outburst and everything.

Ixta G (br) wrote: Heather Graham is cute, but sucks in this movie. Kind of boring.

Violet W (kr) wrote: I'm gonna tell you something, to me this is an overlooked little big tiny cinematic treasure of pure unadulterated, love .....I am telling you this little gem will have you believing that miracles do and still can happen, and that not everyone has to stay f**** up forever if they don't want too; And that people like the character Brendan Fraser (so pure, simple and gooood in this) play can and do exist with in everyone of us....if we just get rid of all the bullshit and act like normal f***** people that don't hide behind created issues and weird complicated blocks that we have manifested and perpetuate in ourselves to keep us weak, tired, and lonely. This movie will help you ease up a bit and believe that you too will find the willy wonka chocolate bar (kay diff muvie but you get idea) and futhermore this movie could make you sick. In that case, you have way more issues than any of us can handle. RENT IT....and get back to me.

Martin M (es) wrote: Not to bad a film, but seen better.

Mr Andrew Sly k (br) wrote: Thats the Best using my Competition Bike for Save the girl and became a heroe Man!

Tyler R (us) wrote: Two things before this review gets started: First, Sony REALLY wanted the audience to know this came from them. I understand product placement is standard, but this is painfully pathetic. Second, the writer decided right up front that every cliche from every sports film ever made was going to be packed into this film. And boy, does the writer nail that task. Battle of the Year follows a washed up break dancer who puts together a team to win Battle of the Year for America. Now, no, I'm not the writer of this film, despite my description being a cliche in itself. Even the acting is painful to watch because the dialogue is, you guessed it, cliched and horrible. Josh Holloway is infinitely wasted, and even he looks bored. Everyone else is, well, in the film. By the time the dance scenes showed up, I cared so little that I barely remembered them by the time the credits thankfully rolled. Overall, this is at the top of the list for the bottom of the discount bin at Walmart.

Ramn M (nl) wrote: Posiblemente la peor pelicula de Clint Eastwood.

Darren B (gb) wrote: Not great but definitely interesting. A tad boring due to some scenes drawn out but otherwise worth a watch. Quite an incredible and amazing true story really.