The Amazing Dobermans

The Amazing Dobermans

An ex-con man and his five trained Dobermans help a Treasury Dept. agent stop a racketeer and his gang.

An ex-con man and his five trained Dobermans help a Treasury Dept. agent stop a racketeer and his gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louise b (kr) wrote: It was bit slow to start with but it got really got when the cop came to the door.. should make another one, of where a couple buy the house and it start all over again

Jay C (es) wrote: [2009.10.18 DVD] Fall asleep...

Johnny B (ru) wrote: Eh, a decent spinoff of the original trilogy. I like how they put it in Romania and incorporate a lot of Romanian history from the revolution. But the Romanian spoken in this movie was really funky. At times it sounded like French, at other times like Russian, and when it was discernible it was pronounced and enunciated strangely.

Benny G (ag) wrote: Not bad Mel but you didn't die. All those poor Americans got killed and you made it out alive :'(

India M (fr) wrote: I love this movie! A little gem I came across, that I enjoyed so much, that I bought the DVD. It's a typical love story in which one person is in love with another, but that person loves someone else. At least until he realizes that love is another direction.What's unusual about this film is that all the principles are male and yet the fact that they are gay comes as an afterthought, and not a political statement.It's not that I dislike "gay" films with a political bent, but it was refreshing to see a simple love story. Arye Gross and Eric Schweig are wonderful. Schweig as the quiet, soft spoken "Pike" who has been secretly holding a torch for Gross's character since high school. And Gross as the still somewhat closeted artist grandson, who has returned home to Montana to care for his ailing grandfather.There is no gratuitous sex for those terrified of seeing two males together in a lustful embrace. But there is a lot of gentle humor, unspoken love, empathy and an incredible lack of prejudice amongst the townsfolk. Probably the only sign of wishful thinking by the writers.Otherwise it's just pure fun and enjoyable, no matter how many times I watch it.

Jack S (kr) wrote: haha funny as all hell