The Amazing Mr. Blunden

The Amazing Mr. Blunden

A mysterious, very old solicitor Mr. Blunden visits Mrs. Allen and her young children in her squalid, tiny Camden Town flat and makes her an offer she cannot refuse. The family become the ...

A mysterious, very old solicitor Mr. Blunden visits Mrs. Allen and her young children in her squalid, tiny Camden Town flat and makes her an offer she cannot refuse. The family become the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (fr) wrote: Polaroid and instant film is definitely an interesting topic, but this film just dies in the middle after the umpteenth "Polaroid Photographer" laments the end of Polaroid. Thankfully, the documentary shifts to a different focus midway through when it becomes about bringing back instant film through "The Impossible Project".

Kevin C (au) wrote: Pretty interesting movie with plenty of hilarious insanity from the past.

Joel C (de) wrote: Great slasher movie one of the best one's out there, yeah the acting isn't that great but I still highly enjoyed this movie!

xou x (au) wrote: Gang life or better life. This film was done by Sticky Fingaz. A rapper/actor. Not a whole lot on him exept he made one of the wierdest movies made to man. The story follows Stick(Fingaz) who must choose between a peaceful life with his girlfriend or help out his cousin. After two family members get shot. Its up to him to make the decision before its to late. Not going to say much on this film. Exept its like watching a very long rap video. Fingaz tries to play this man who has to choose his way of life which is a dilema we have seen in every gang movie. Nothing new and this is a rather silly film. I guess I gave it a near decent score because it was unique. All you need to know is that the days of my not like theirs. 1.5/4

Recaldo N (gb) wrote: oh diz shit definetly betta dan chocolate

Sujal S (au) wrote: Ajay Devgan is good. Twinkle Khanna gets very annoying. And there are way too many songs.

Laurence H (nl) wrote: This is another of my top ten movies (I've never actually written a list, but this one is in it). Low budget? Yes. Written by a TV guy? Yes. Whimsical? In spades. Magical? I think so. With elements of "The Dice Man," these two ladies cast their lives to fate, wending their way to Alaska. This is an archetypal theme, and not detached from the nature of reality. Note that Sam Worthington sold everything and lived in his car, for example. In fact, this is an option we all have at any time, though few of us consider or pursue it. I have interviewed people who have just taken off and started a new life, and many more who have considered it (in extreme cases, this occurs in a fugue state, a situation I once encountered). The fact is, this is doable, though as AA will tell you, the geographical cure is insufficient in itself. Bottom line, we can all start a new life at any time, though of course it will bring with it the same challenges as the old. That is what this film is about. It is worth pondering. If you have forgotten that life is mysterious and surprising, you need to watch this film.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Stunningly audacious nunsploitation, with eye-popping visuals.

Ariua k (mx) wrote: The Cat o' Nine Tails is Dario Argento's 'difficult second movie'. This is the one that had to follow up his genre-defining debut The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. It's a movie that many fans (and the director himself apparently) think is unsubstantial. Certainly it's relatively weak when set alongside Crystal Plumage but when it is considered as a film in its own right and directly compared to other early 70's gialli, it's actually pretty good. The story basically involves a couple of amateur sleuths - a journalist and blind ex-newsman - who get embroiled in a series of murders that surround a genetics institute. Plot wise, the film is very far-fetched. Events and character actions don't exactly make logical sense a lot of the time. This is a common feature of giallo cinema but it is something that viewers unfamiliar with the genre might find a little off-putting. If you can accept this and roll with it you will find that Cat o' Nine Tails is a good exercise in suspense film-making. Although it's fair to say that the story compares quite badly in comparison with the classic giallo twist-in-the-tail narrative of Crystal Plumage; although it is serviceable enough. Unlike many of his contemporaries, such as Umberto Lenzi or Sergio Martino, Argento did not incorporate graphic violence in his early gialli. Sure, there are murders here that are quite disturbing but it's not exactly a blood-bath. What Argento does show, however, is a clear understanding of how to generate suspense. There are some very tense, well handled scenes such as the poisoned milk set-piece, the sequence in the mausoleum and the climatic rooftop fight. He is helped in creating this kind of atmosphere by the soundtrack provided by Ennio Morricone. It's a nice dark piece of work with a memorable main theme, not as good as his work on Crystal Plumage but superior to his subsequent score for Four Flies on Grey Velvet. Like that latter film, Cat o' Nine Tails has a more experimental approach than his debut movie. Argento incorporates odd editing techniques where we see quick flashes of events before they actually happen. This disorientating approach helps create a slightly mad, off-kilter atmosphere. We are actively encouraged to identify with the killer in this film, as the various POV shots and the huge close-ups of their retina attest. Overall, this isn't the best looking movie that Argento has directed but it's still very accomplished. The cinematography is good and the interior dcor is, at times, insane - check out Bianca Merusi's wallpaper; its garishly appalling in a way that only early 70's dcor can be! The acting here is pretty decent. James Franciscus and Karl Malden lead the cast well enough. And there are some interesting performances from other supporting cast members, most notably Cinzia De Carolis as the little girl Lori, Horst Frank as the homosexual Dr. Braun and Rada Rassimov as Dr. Calabresi's doomed lover Bianca. As is typical in movies from Argento's golden period, and unlike other gialli of the time, there is a distinct lack of eye-candy; this is not a criticism, far from it, just an observation. It's interesting how disinterested he appeared to view the sex side of things in his classic gialli when you weigh it up against the somewhat dubious relish he seems to give it in his latter (inferior) thrillers. I think this film has definitely been unfairly maligned for either not being as good as The Bird with the Crystal Plumage or for not containing sufficient sex and violence. While it's true that it's restrained compared to many of its contemporaries, it's a better film than most of them because its mystery is compelling enough and its a genuinely tense affair a lot of the time. Not only that but this movie has one of the most ambiguous and downbeat endings in any gialli I have seen - lets just say that you really aren't too sure about the well-being of certain cast members at the end. If you're a fan of either giallo cinema, the work of Dario Argento or cult Italian cinema in general then I would strongly recommend seeking this one out. It's ultimately a superior, if relatively restrained, slice of giallo mayhem from the master of the genre.

Paul D (ag) wrote: NEVER gets old! ;) lol

Michael J (gb) wrote: Critics hate it ( viewers love it ) that's all I can say! :-) I am now a fan and I'd happily burn my twilight movies for this any day. They boldly changed the way we think of vampires and werewolves.

Greg W (gb) wrote: gr8 debut for christina aguilera as she effortlessly goes from small screen (TV) to the big screen

Greg W (fr) wrote: if u thought spaghetti westerns were bloody & violent well check out this modern western from-Denmark.

DragonsFoe (kr) wrote: They Came Together is laugh out loud comedy with great chemistry from Rudd and Poehler. With welcome cameos and funny pokes at Tom coms. But as funny as it is, it is very forgettable.Rating: 6.7 (C+)