The Amazing Mrs. Holliday

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday

Deanna Durbin stars as a missionary who goes to great lengths, even posing as "Mrs. Holliday", in order to get some Chinese war orphans into the United States.

A missionary tries to outwit the U.S. government and smuggle Chinese orphans into the country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (nl) wrote: it was very interesting.

Brad S (gb) wrote: A quiet and subtle character piece whose joys are in the details.

Rory F (de) wrote: This is a great documentary that brings to light the size and power of the GI anti-war movement during the Vietnam War.

Mary K (br) wrote: I'd rather eat glass then watch a movie with those two

Paul S (mx) wrote: Really good film based on a true story about Vincent Papale who played American football for the Philadelphia eagles. He was a 30 year old rookie who played for 3 years.

Mike M (ru) wrote: Utterly pointless fourth installment of the Psycho series, with Norman coming to grips with all his past atrocities while - no lie - phoning in to a radio show (the topic of which just happens to be matricide). Told via flashbacks and originally made for Showtime in 1990 - Psycho 4 seemingly ignores much of parts two and three, playing as a direct sequel to the first, with Norman now married to a psychologist who helped 'cure' him . . . or did she? Devoid of any true suspense for 95% of the proceedings, this is one flick you'd be crazy to seek out (except for true horror completists). Then again, we all go a little mad . . . sometimes . . .

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Stormy (es) wrote: The never ending finish, George Kennedy FINALLY takes the lead as a roughneck repairman turned pilot named Joe Patroni. A really good disaster flick, with a cast that looks like a Love Boat guest-star reunion, even Charro who even sings a few bars, OH that's why they have those little bags XD

Edward S (it) wrote: Anybody remotely interested in the craft of filmmaking is obligated to at least appreciate "Triumph des Willens" for being a brilliant textbook concocted by the very talented Riefenstahl. The opening scenes alone are perhaps some of the greatest in cinema; shots of the empyrean, cloudy skies from the view of a plane which transition to numerous aerial overhead shots of Nuremberg are still impressive and breathtaking by today's standards. As Hitler emerges from the plane to the wild crowds of his followers, Riefenstahl makes her point of him being some sort of celestial demigod with a potency and elegance that any filmmaker should strive for. The film sticks to its propagandist themes of a united Germany in support of the fascist regime. Granted, by the second half of the film, the many shots of Hitler and his co-leaders giving speeches at the Nuremberg rally do become gratuitous; the message of a united Germany is still stark but redundant, to a point when a surprising boredom almost sinks in at the march of the Stormtroopers throughout the city. Still, even as Rienfenstahl meanders, her creativity never diminishes; we are treated to a multifaceted array of shots in different lenses, all edited beautifully in the final product, to fully document the rally in an interesting, exaggerated fashion which sensationalizes the Nazi regime, its people, and its leaders. There's a scene that takes place at night which nearly appears to be expressionist or even noir in style, and some of the tracking shots and pans which utilize symmetrical perspective makes you wonder if there could be a Kubrick without "Triumph des Willens.""Triumph des Willens" is a fascinating time capsule, not only of a historical event signifying the rise of a terrifying movement in a war torn nation in desperate need of closure and unity but also as a landmark in film (I liked this better than both "Battleship Potemkin" and "Birth of a Nation." So bite me.) The film is epic, mesmerizing, rich, brilliant, and... perhaps regrettably, a piece of Nazi propaganda. Your move, Capra.

Cdric C (au) wrote: A meaningless succession of bad action scenes. No plot..

Mark F (br) wrote: Fans of the series will love it, definitely worth a buy when it comes out on DVD/Bluray

Lee M (us) wrote: It's A fun piece of "B" movie magic. "Cowboys and Aliens" only 17 years earlier.

Fermn P (br) wrote: It is a masterpiece, a perfect film to Aardman could have done. The story isnt original but is good, the characters are funny like Shaun, The Farmer and the evil Trumper, the songs are fantastic, the soundtrack is beautiful and the emotional scenes are written very carefully by Starzak and Burton. Without doubt, Shaun the Sheep Movie is the perfect movie to see family and laugh for 85 minutes and no matter what happen. The best of the best.

victor l (ag) wrote: Blood and Sand is incredibly entertaining and involving. Hard to achieve in a silent film, but this one had the right ingredients: a good woman, a femme fatale and of course, one of the most lucrative star of the era: Rudolph Valentino playing the role of the matador and passionate man whose money and lust send him to perdition. Very good movie.