The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena

The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena

Documentary exploring such phenomena as astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, voices from beyond the grave, ghosts/spirits, etc.

Documentary exploring such phenomena as astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, voices from beyond the grave, ghosts/spirits, etc. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben P (fr) wrote: A very stark look into what the war in the Pacific was like. Although I did prefer Band of Brothers, I did still enjoy this. There didn't seem to be the same kind of connection to the characters that Band of Brothers had. I know being a wartime drama that's based on real people and events they couldn't help that events as they happened might not translate as well into film. If you've seen and enjoyed Saving Private Ryan and/or Band of Brothers this is certainly one to watch.

Kyleigh T (ag) wrote: Really cute and funny animated movie. I appreciated all of the actor puns.

Ariua k (gb) wrote: My god how did he go from Making Ichi the Killer "Takashi Miike" to making a children's (Kids) fantasy movie with such bizarre horror yet fantastically photography and elements to do with it. By horror I mean some of the creatures are just so freighting and some are so colourful and alive. I would also like to thank Jesse P for reminding me about this I can easily forget this after watching Spirited Away (because the two films are alike). I must say for the first time we see Miike creative detail come right out of him when he is no dreaming up the most disgusting way to die, these creatures no doubt came from Japanese's mythology (I myself am Korean) to bring this spectacular that no doubt can prove that Miyazaki isn't the only one around with talent. A young boy is moving because of his parents divorce and they stop at a festival where for some reason he is chosen to be a "Kirin Rider" to protect all things that are good. And he himself must lead this war in the spirited world against all things that are evil even though he himself wants nothing to do with it. It is like something Miyazaki would make with all the detail and designs on creatures though its not animated. And I think Miike himself drew all this himself which proves he doesn't have that much of a messed up mind. The creatures them selves are frighting yet some are really amazing looking "but still can be strange" The prove they can act I admit but it isn't always strong most times. The visuals are breathtaking but it always proves that a film doesn't always have to be on CGI. This movie does something different when it comes to that. The last thing I will see is the music really good and I think that's it. Where the hell was this movie when I was young? Come to a close and I say see it if you love this stuff. Still one of the trippiest things i have seen, An acid trip you would fuck you up while watching this.

Kesnia H (ru) wrote: i want that movie i have a lot of michael jackson this is the only movie i dont have

Steve O (nl) wrote: OH! How I loved/hated this great/terrible comedy/thriller!

Mrtan C (nl) wrote: Good interweaving stories and dramatic finish. Almost a 1980s pastiche.

chris a (it) wrote: the two leads have some decent scenes but the overall film is run of the mill cop buddy with nothing new to offer

Frances H (ag) wrote: Very funny--just loved the script, which was hilarious and the actors had great delivery. Very enjoyable.