The American Friend

The American Friend

Tom Ripley, who deals in forged art, suggests a picture framer he knows would make a good hit man.

Tom Ripley, who deals in forged art, suggests a picture framer he knows would make a good hit man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory S (ag) wrote: Greatest movie ever made!

Michael A (it) wrote: This. Guy. Is. INSANE. One the craziest & most watchable docs I've ever seen. And a genuine portrait of seemingly well intentioned 'eco-hero' who's probably got a death wish. This is a must see, seriously, go rent it right now & count how many times your jaw drops. Starring madness as itself.

Stephen L (au) wrote: Yes, it really is naked boys singing, albeit buffed, waxed and cut!!! Doesn't really contain a plot as such. Just a bunch of songs about being naked and/or gay. Quiet amusing in parts but rarely arousing. it's essentially a recording of the stage show with some annoying photography effects put in place. Sometimes a still, straight-to-camera delivery would have been more moving I suspect.

Conor M (us) wrote: fun at times, but...meh...

ray h (ag) wrote: This is a strange film. The plot is spare. It seems to be almost be an after thought. The movie was shot with many long views that were held stationary for long moments of time. There wasn't any discernible reason for this technique. The movie starts with a scene of fellatio and ends the same way. In between, the story concerns the main protagonist dealing with his guilt over the death of a child he kidnapped.There are a few sex scenes. These include full frontal nudity of men and women. And, they are partially shot with that distant, overly long, point-of-view. The director and his lead actress commented upon the obese actors seen in one scene.Two of the principal characters apparently had no acting training nor experience. There are some awkward moments between their characters.There is no good reason to see this movie. I heard about it in another movie review. I should have researched other reviews about it. This seemed like a vanity project by the director. It felt like a pretentious art film. But, where was the art? And, what was the point of it?

Pamela D (de) wrote: A highly edifying, literate and intelligent survey of pop culture and the entertainment industry,. beautifully filmed using the latest technological breakthrough in cinematic technology -"BonerVision." All seriousness aside, it's crude, crass, tasteless. idiotic...and utterly hilarious. A cross between Kentucky Fired Movie and Momdo Trasho. Contains a lot of nose-thumbing at Hollywood. Fun to see a filmmaker brazenly tell Tinseltown to go F*** itself.

Katie L (de) wrote: haha number one pwnzzz

Camille L (es) wrote: Sonatine met un peu de temps dmarrer. On suit pendant une petite demi-heure Kitano, Terajima et leurs potes yakuza se tirer dessus dans le style si habituel de Kitano : des longs plans fixes, o il ne se passe parfois absolument rien. Et les yakuza partent Okinawa, coincs dans une maison en bord de plage pour aller rgler des affaires. Coincs sur cette plage, ils s'amusent. Et c'est cette partie (quasiment une heure) qui fait le sel de Sonatine. La violence n'est jamais loin, l'absurde non plus mais pendant ce temps, Kitano cre un esprit de camaraderie en trs peu de paroles. Et la fin,invitable, n'en est que plus forte. Mme avec une partition un peu en-de de Joe Hisaishi, Sonatine continue la Winning Streak de Kitano.

Andrew D (kr) wrote: Some of the worst acting, editing, sound, and soundtrack I've seen. Couldn't even finish it. And I loved Suspiria.

Claire T (ag) wrote: it was an ok movie but not as funny as I thought it would be, I don't think it's worth seeing again, it was directed by Ron Howard and he also starred in it, I own this film on DVD, it was ok but expected it to be funnier

Richard Y (ru) wrote: The one that always get shown among 4 or 5 films in "all-night horror" at drive-ins back in the '70s. In other words, I was forced to see it a few times! Fun, sexy vampire played by Stensgaard whose last film appearance was in Scream And Scream Again, entertains to the nth degree.

Shawn W (it) wrote: Hondo Lane finds a good woman living with her son on a ranch stuck in the middle of an escalating battle between Apache Indians and the US Calvalry. Hondo is an honest man with a very keen sense of smell, able to identify when a woman has cooked salt pork. Al Bundy considered this to be the greatest film of all time but I think the movie this reminded me of (Shane) was better.

Jiawei H (de) wrote: A powerful, dark picture. Hollywood back in 1950.

Yves P (br) wrote: Perfect Family Movie..

Nick M (gb) wrote: As much as I love scarface I love this movie more, Al Pacino is a god but Sean Penn with Pacino ? Pure Masterpiece

James B (de) wrote: This was pretty decent. It's hard to not compare it to the original, but if you judge this movie as its own it's really not bad.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!