The American Soldier

The American Soldier

Ricky returns to Munich from Vietnam and is promptly hired as a contract killer in Fassbinder’s subversive and experimental gangster movie.

Ricky is a cold-blooded U.S. German contract killer. After serving in Viet Nam, he returns to his home town of Munich to eliminate a few problem crooks for three renegade cops. He inspects ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heidi B (ag) wrote: this movie was so boring, I couldn't even finish it.

Pablo G (us) wrote: As the title implies, this is a fairly straight forward tale, but with deep commentary and strangely simple but emotional moments. The film is as much about the ending as it is about the trip, and thats the true beauty of The Straight Story. Its just not something to entretain, its something to learn from, to feel from, and while the slow pace will be too much for many viewers, the achievemtn here in storytelling and narrative is undeniable.

Jacob F (au) wrote: really cheesy and paint by numbers, bland plot, but good james wan jump scares and soundtrack.

Christian C (de) wrote: An insult to Native Americans. In this film, you may find yourself rooting for the Imperial forces of Japan to kill Nicholas Cage and put an end to our suffering.

Joe E (ca) wrote: Though this movie does have some elements from the earlier "thirteen" who really cares? This movie is one my most beloved movies I've seen on IFC. This movie does go and keept me interested and watching throughout the entire movie. This movie does have some very well done performances and a awesome soundtrack. People underestimate this movie and say it's a rip-off of "Thirteen". Which it is not.

t w (mx) wrote: This is movie is so awful that its great

Darren P (br) wrote: Featuring superb performances from James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, and Humphrey Bogart, "Angels with Dirty Faces" is an expertly directed, rich, and vivid gangster picture.