The Americanization of Emily

The Americanization of Emily

During the build-up to D-Day in 1944, the British found their island hosting many thousands of American soldiers who were "oversexed, overpaid, and over here". That's Charlie Madison exactly; he knows all the angles to make life as smooth and risk-free as possible for himself. But things become complicated when he falls for an English woman, and his commanding officer's nervous breakdown leads to Charlie being sent on a senseless and dangerous mission.

The film centers on a American naval officer who is forced to fulfill a dangerous mission. He makes an important decision to seduce a British widower in order to resolve that problem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie E (mx) wrote: intro was funny, but the rest of stand up comedy was just blah blah blah as it was stuffed with lame jokes. not good enough to see again for free or for a price. sorry for your time, but I'm just being honest with this flick.

Julia A (gb) wrote: Fun Colourful musical

shishir a (es) wrote: Alia Bhatt.... In love with alia bhatt

Shaun T (fr) wrote: First person view shot throughout the movie, a movie not to be missed.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Low-budget with only one setting for the majority of the movie, but it seems to work for the most part, although can feel laborious in places despite a fairly short running time. Stephen Dorff does well enough to carry the film given he has all the screen time in a slightly strange conspiracy thriller.

Seth H (br) wrote: I dare not call this a movie. This monstrosity is an insult to humanity. Run. Run far, FAR away from this vile slime.

Love M (ca) wrote: This is a cheesy film! Although cute for the younger (much younger) generation! Its predictable but amusing.

Lilo C (jp) wrote: Watched Summer 2007Holly Shiit this Movie, is soooooo hell of fuckin boring. I m huge fan of Michael Madsen, but this Movie, fuck that was waste of his talent and time. Why why why, did he play in this Movie? And the Main Character was so lame. Nothing made sense in this Movie. The half star is just for one Scene with that special effect. Since the whole gaaawd danm Movie was Crap.

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: A fast-paced and affectionate portrayal of the 1990s Rave scene, Human Traffic follows a weekend in the lives of a bunch of 20 somethings out on the town in Cardiff. Anyone who was part of that culture will recognise the characters and settings as being stereotypical but nonetheless well observed. There's a particularly good soundtrack made up of some of the biggest club hits of the era which adds effectively to the atmosphere and the scenes set in the clubs and parties are realistically portrayed. Looking back on it now, it is scary to see quite how young both John Simm and Danny Dyer look but they, together with the rest of the cast fit the bill perfectly. I like the directing style of Justin Kerrigan, who also wrote the movie and crops up in a minor role and it's a shame he hasn't really done much else. There's quite a simple plot line weaving throughout, involving best friends who should really be lovers but this is well handled and rather touching. All in all, an enjoyable, lighthearted and in places genuinely funny film that documents a great sub-culture of British life.

Clifford B (kr) wrote: Die. Die. Die. Eyepatch. Die.What more can be said.Oh yeah, Hasselhoff, please, no more eyepatch.

Tony P (jp) wrote: Oscar winning drama from 1993 about the ravages of AIDS and its consequences on people's attitudes towards sufferers and workplace discrimination.The film shows some of the physical scars the disease has and actor Tom Hanks who plays lawyer Andy Blackett, with the help of skillful make-up effects brings some of this across to a mainstream Hollywood audience who in 1993 were on the whole still pretty ignorant about the disease. I have never really liked Hanks in other films. I find him rather bland shall we say but his performance rightly was rewarded with the Best Actor Oscar award that year.Other cast members include Denzil 'for the movie' Washington as another lawyer who is homophobic but represents Blackett in a court case against his employers for wrongful dismissal.The film is set in Philadelphia, US.It really is quite embarrassing to watch some of the misconceptions of the time. I compare it to Mark Fowler in Eastenders in the UK.

Joe B (it) wrote: Terrific Robert Mitchum film. All the more wonderful seeing as how he produced it 9inden in 1958 and it was shot on location in Tennessee. Cars and lots of cool bravado. Even the bad guys (moonshiners) go to church! Hmm sounds sort of Godfather-esque.


Thomas B (ru) wrote: The girls are all giving 100% but the movie itself is stuck in cliche. Full review later.

Paul Z (it) wrote: Death on the Nile is a cunning, sharp, perfectly told, stunningly produced and superbly acted screen version of Dame Agatha Christie's whodunit. Like its predecessor, it's traditional formalized amusement with a full-size cast and opulent locales. The difference is that here, there is more than mere stylistic commemoration of a time, place and tradition. It's actually an intensely realized story on screen. Director John Guillermin maximizes the interesting settings and employs a cyclical flashback method to build likely disparities on how the crime happened. The reenactments in this movie are almost surprisingly unnerving and the cast is very compelling. Sleuth playwright Anthony Shaffer's adaptation doesn't have a single fallacy. When Ustinov finally exposes the culprit in the ultimate drawing room scenes it comes as an absolute revelation. Each of the dozen characters hovering down the Nile is a suspect. Every one on the ship could have and might have bumped off Lois Chiles, the condescending millionairess who has thieved her best friend's fianc (C)e. Shaffer has also rendered several knowingly overstated characters to harmonize Peter Ustinov, the fourth actor to play Belgian consulting detective Hercule Poirot. There's Angela Lansbury's inebriated depiction of a romance novelist. Bette Davis as an oppressive and pompous Washington lace curtain and Maggie Smith as her resentful company. Jack Warden as a frantic Swiss doctor. I.S. Johar in a richly offbeat performance as the caretaker of the ship on which the homicides transpire. David Niven as Poirot's associate Colonel Race. Jon Finch as a Marxist radical. Nevertheless the star is Ustinov and the piercing wits of our stuck-up hero.

Chris M (gb) wrote: It was a really funny, very nice and really entertaining live-action family holiday comedy. It had really great cinematography, really excellent special effects, really excellent cast, really nice humor, really good adventure, really great music, really well done costumes, really nice characters and a really nice story. It was my first time seeing this movie when I was 14 years old during Christmas 2006. This is going to be one of my favorite Christmas movies of 2003. I really recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

April M (ag) wrote: Cary Grant.. so out of his normal, but ever so great. Rita, god how she sines!

Jaime R (it) wrote: A highly underrated paranoia thriller.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: Not a good movie to watch

Dakota P (ca) wrote: I remember watching this film as a young child and thinking it has to be the worst movie ever made. As an adult, I realize my adolescent self was not far off. I feel shame having actually watched this monstrosity twice.