The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror

A family is terrorized by demonic forces after moving into a home that was the site of a grisly mass-murder.

In November 1974, a family of six was brutally murdered. Now, a year later, an unsuspecting newlyweds move in the house where that grisly mass murder took place and start to get terrorized by demonic forces. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brianna A (gb) wrote: Perfectly sculpted with love, drama, sacrifice, madness, the supernatural and tragedy. [A FEW SPOILERS AS TO THE NATURE OF THE ENDING - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]:Easily my favorite movie ever. Had me absolutely sobbing by the end (but don't let that deter you from watching!)Exceptionally made and acted, and Seo Jong-Ki and Park Bo-Young are so amazing together and individually. Brilliantly tied up and it'll garaunteed have you in tears. Not a movie to watch if you can't handle an unhappy ending.

David S (de) wrote: Kind of a letdown for a Michael Mann film. I expected much more story development and this thing dragged as it is and was over 2 hours. Farrell and Foxx lacked the charisma as leads in this compared to the original MV. The only thing I really liked about Miami Vice and was cinematography. It is beautifully shot, as most Michael Mann films are

Melissa C (nl) wrote: Realistic, dramatic without loss of intrigue. Scenes and details quite familiar. Cinematagraphy amazing. The POV shots lingered at times but with such lovely faces to gaze at this is not in any way a complaint.

Tyler H (it) wrote: Dark humor at it's best!1

Johnny R (es) wrote: Amazing film and masterpiece!! It was really engaging and intense!! It will keep you engaged from beginning to end!! It had a magnificent screenplay!! It shows how hard it can be to learn a different language!! However, it showed how important it is to be bilingual and it showed the hard times of family!! The cast was absolutely powerful, especially Adam Sandler and Paz Vega!! They stole the show and had incredible chemistry!! If you are a fan of Adam Sandler, than this is a must-see and of you are not, still give this a try because Adam gives one of his best performances in his entire career!! This is without a doubt a must-see!!

Brit L (ca) wrote: awwwwesome! it's funny, and brilliantly written.

Dries D (de) wrote: Seeing as I grew up and live in the area of Aalst, I'm a bit biased...but even so the movie is a masterpiece with some great acting and filming. For the people who don't know anything about father Adolf Daens or Belgian history it might be a good idea to get some background info first before you watch the movie. The movie actually has 2 main characters, one being Daens (Jan Decleir) as the historical figure and than Nette (Antje de Boeck) as a portrait of how people lived life in those times.

Lauri M (de) wrote: daring but also quite boring. But i did feel something for the main-character.

Rory J (kr) wrote: Been too long. I remember liking it okay. Gordan Pinsent as Babar sparks my interest for rewatching.

All Round G (de) wrote: A shockingly realistic, though obviously propaganda-driven British film from 1942. Made during the middle of the Second World War, by an Italian director, the idylic 'jolly hockeysticks' vision of the home counties in England during wartime is given a shake-up as Nazis infiltrate an English villiage. It's up to the villagers to fight off the hun before the army arrive, and as the film progresses many characters that you grow to know get picked off in the most gratuitous manner by the invaders. Obviously meant to frighten the British public into being alert around others, it must have actually terrified them, as not much British cinema from this era has ever shown such brutality onscreen.

John R (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, but then again, I'm a car buff. Loved how the older stock cars were rendered. Tractor tipping, ha!

Karen H (jp) wrote: 2013-06-16 HBO preview, pretty good

Matt L (jp) wrote: I did enjoy this movie. It's an inspiring story ... plus Michelle Monaghan is always great!

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Bronson plays a cop on the edge. I like it. Obviously a movie that helped Asian-American relations in the 80's (note the hint of sarcasm. Being Japanese wasn't a good thing in this film). Very downbeat film but you got to love what Bronson calls "Justice".

Jody K (it) wrote: I love Sally Field, but wasn't impressed either by her acting or the story in this. Sorry!