The Amorous Ones

The Amorous Ones

A young man in his early 30's ponders the state of his life while dealing with three women - his sister, his new girlfriend and his lover.

A young man in his early 30's ponders the state of his life while dealing with three women - his sister, his new girlfriend and his lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert I (de) wrote: It's an hour and ten minutes long... Features an all female cast, most of whom take their top off at one point or another. Takes place in a strange universe where there's another Charles Band making terrible movies as a character references "Evil Bong" and throughout the movie the main characters watch the previous "The Killer Eye" movie (you know, to run up the running time). Not at all scary, not much to the plot other than a creepy eye thing that shoots green lasers at the women which make them horny for each other or kill them. Decidedly unlike Full Moon films, the female cast actually isn't bad to look at, nor their acting as terrible as has come expected. The character and actress behind 'Rocky' I actually liked and wouldn't be surprised if she shows up in something not crappy some point in the future.

Enrique A (gb) wrote: so i saw this movie and i gotta say i was totally dissapointed. i am a fan of the resident evil movies but tbis just made me sad. i was expecting the last movie a war against the world but it turns out that its just a facility and when she excapes she gets her powers back where i thought here comes the action and no that was the end of it . damn i was pissed ahah but they better do another movie bad thing is that i gotta wait 2 3 or even 4 years to see it that sux .... over all the movie was good not the best but good

Isaac C (br) wrote: Just when you thought the Hellraiser series couldn't get any did!

Danielle S (gb) wrote: This is an excellent movie! Interesting characters, excellent plot and great chemistry between Tim Robbins and Sarah Polley.

Mithun G (us) wrote: Man the IMF is so fucked up

Greg F (mx) wrote: I grew up watching this movie. It was my favorite. I still watch it today. It is a great family film. Stormella is the best villain, and Whoopi Goldberg is great as the voice of her. Great Film :D

Andy O (jp) wrote: The stunts are absolutely mindblowing. An action fan's dream come true.Update - watched again recently now I'm over my Tony Jaa fixation, and while there is no denying the utterly epic choriography and action scenes, the plot is dull nonsensical drivel. For fans of martial arts only.

sara anne n (ca) wrote: i would love to see this movie

Lee D (de) wrote: fine shooting, laughs, and vengeance.

William s (au) wrote: If you miss this one your not a zombie aficionado.

Jason W (jp) wrote: I could not get past the first 30 minutes before turning it off. Terrible movie.

Nicki M (ag) wrote: Annoyed me immensely, and when I read spoilers to see how it ended, I got even more annoyed. Amanda almost saves it, but there's other movies of hers I would rather watch. I found this insulting to both 20 somethings and 40 somethings alike. So apparently if you're a certain type of person in your 20's you are ridiculous and do stupid hipster things, and if you're over 40 and not a parent your life is pointless. This type of message just craps me to the point I couldn't finish it.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Enjoyable concept.A Timecop squad is created after an inventor creates the ability to time travel and a Senator has his eyes set on getting money from the past and changing time to get to the presidency.