The Angel Was Born

The Angel Was Born

Santamaria and Urtigo are two bandits on the run, one is white, the other black. Santamaria is a mystical visionary and believes in the imminent coming of a purifying angel. Urtiga, his inseparable companion, is a simple-minded and ingenious man who follows Santamaria around and participates in the crimes he commits. The two bandits take over a house after kidnapping its owner and his girlfriend.

Urtiga and Santamaria are two mean, sadistic and cold blood killers. Santamaria claims that he has seen an angel, and is very mystic. They escape from the police siege in a slum in a hill ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (fr) wrote: No movie has wanted to make me start card counting then this movie. I think one of the big things that can be learned from this movie is that if a group of people working together that can truly trust each other can accomplish so much. You can learn a ton about card counting in this super interesting story.

Adriana R (ru) wrote: Absolutely great! This is what it is, turning the impossible to something possible. Determination and courage to stand for your beliefs and achieve peace.

suat e (ru) wrote: it is like a bear and funy..

Tue K (it) wrote: bok gibiydi walla...

Woodrow W (de) wrote: Hilarious!!! A classic


Nicolas B (es) wrote: Good acting, boring story.

(es) wrote: Cast: Casey Affleck, Brendan Sexton III, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, John Heard, Ethan Suplee, Sara Gilbert, Peter Sarsgaard, Lee Holmes, Michael Ironside Director: Morgan J. Freeman Summary: When the FBI quarantines a seemingly nondescript town that boasts a random roadside attraction -- the world's largest ice cream cone -- visiting starlet Skye (Kate Hudson) and her father (John Heard) encounter an assemblage of memorable locals they won't soon forget. My Thoughts: "This is an offbeat movie with a great (then) young cast. Great quirky character's that some us small town grown kids can relate to. Not much to do in small towns, so you have to entertain yourselves somehow. Liked their choices of fun, it was entertaining to watch. Had some funny moments, and was never boring. But this is much more of a dark comedy. Had some deep stuff going on with Brenden Sexton III, character. It was nice to see him in a somewhat leading role. Definitely worth the rental."

Hector R (es) wrote: Outstanding at times but has some weird supporting cast her and there!

Maarrk H (br) wrote: An incredibly structured film made all of 50 miles away from the heaviest fighting zones of the former Yugoslavia war of the early 1990s. It's cold and unflinching, but such is the nature of civil war, no? Perhaps most importantly, 'Before the Rain' spends no time attempting to explain why these tensions between groups are there. One village is Muslim and the other is not ?? wars are fought on reasonings as simple as these.

Jay D (de) wrote: Quirky and while low in spots and rough all over, the eclectic cast and high points make this a must see for those who like the cult genre.

Ash J (mx) wrote: This was not one of these guy's better films.

Eliabeth D (ca) wrote: Muy buenas actrices, adems puede servir de reflecin y simptica a la vez.

Jesse R (ag) wrote: Michael Dudikoff is back in another American Ninja film. I enjoy Michael more in these films than David Bradley (Sean Davidson).This is Bradley's 2nd role in the American Ninja series. He would also star in the 5th and final film.This was a so-so movie, but not as good as the previous films, but a good kick butt early 90s flick.

GM W (de) wrote: Director, Curtis Hanson (The River Wild, and L.A. Confidential) brings us a lyrically fluent movie, that's very funny, and entertaining. Eminem is fantastic, and has one of the best songs by Eminem!

Mike L (us) wrote: The second of Burroughs novels brought to screen by the British as only they can. Well any movie with Caroline Munro in a fur dress has its high points but it pretty much ends there. The flying dinosaurs and creatures do not flap their wings which is funny in itself. Lacks the story and setting from the book and is not as well done as The Land the Time Forgot.

Cj C (it) wrote: amazing movie almost made me want to cry but had a amazing ending