The Angrez

The Angrez

The Angrez is a 2006 Indian comedy movie directed by Kuntaa Nikkil. In this movie, the word "Angrez" refers to English people and non-resident Indians. The movie was a trendsetter in that, it was one of the first to effectively and humorously, often resorting to the slapstick kind, portray the dialect of the Old City and the Hyderabadi tongue. The film also portrays the fascination for American materialism, the hype around the IT industry and the lifestyle and culture it has spawned.

The movie revolves around three sets of people. The Angrez - Two guys who come from the US to serve in an IT company... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian M (kr) wrote: Wow. The narration of the older Bettie Page talking about her life as we see the images and interviews with people from her life throughout is so honest & let's you know everything about her. What a legend. Beautiful, honest & scary throughout.

Tor M (jp) wrote: An all right idea done pretty mediocre. The film got a very indie look and I guess I like that.Twists everywhere, maybe a bit too much of it even. Some alright jokes, but no big laughs for me.The greatest thing here for me is the chemestry of the three dudes. They seem like real friends.The "Scary Movie"-babe was a surprize too. I wanted some more. This is flat, still quite original, entertainment, but not as funny as "Shaun of The Dead" or films of the same style. Minus for a really horrible ending credit song.4 out of 10 imagineers.

Brice M (fr) wrote: Looking for a great zombie flick with an original concept, a strong storyline and amazing effects? Well, if you are then you're shit out of luck with this clunker. Poor acting, oatmeal-face zombies and just about every cliche from the subgenre is thrown at this mid-90s flick. Admittedly, Dead Meat was released just before the zombie sub-genre exploded like a bloated corpse but that's no excuse for obvious "nods" to every other zombie flick made before its release. The worse part is even at 77 minutes Dead Meat moves slower than, well, the living dead.

Jonathan P (br) wrote: Silent Waters had moments when you felt that it was going to become a great film but never reached the greatness you expected. The story of a family torn by the religious extremism Silent Waters is a good film that never became as great as it should have been,

Chris H (fr) wrote: A very strong premise and great first two thirds of a film make this must watch for any horror/thriller fan. A truly engaging film that is only hurt by an ending that tries to be too clever.

Steve S (es) wrote: Disastrous romantic comedy with a mismatched Bullock and Affleck being thrust upon us. Nothing seems to work.

Ioannis A (us) wrote: ..cynical animation about nuclear war and it's effects on two elder people..humorous moments throughout the film, whereas the end is tottaly bleak..recommended!

Dave R (mx) wrote: definitely an underrated film. it's a dark comedy but it paints a scarily real portrait of arms dealing... while the movie deals with latin america and the communist threat of the 1980's it makes you wonder if this is the sort of thing going on in africa now... definitely worth a look.

Jason C (gb) wrote: Early Vietnam War film. Very different from the majority of what would follow. Set in 1964, before the conflict really escalated, it shows how unprepared we were for this type of ground war. Far from perfect put very interesting.

Jeff B (es) wrote: It's been so long since I saw this (in fact, I think the only other time I've seen this was in 6th grade when we watched it after reading the book), so I figured I'd check it out again. It's a very good movie about a black family in the 30s struggling to survive after the father gets arrested for trying to feed the family. I love that Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield both got nominated for this, it's not really the kind of performance that would get much attention back then (or perhaps even today) at the Oscars. Some very good scenes, especially the final moment between David and his father at the pond.

Munaah K (ag) wrote: Tony Curtis is all wrong for the role of Andrei .. but who cares .. there is YUL Brynner in the movie .. and that makes up for all the flaws :)

Jonny M (us) wrote: A very good watch. Ben Affleck at his best, with a quality cast that helps keep the tension going.

Brian S (jp) wrote: A nice blend of the reptilian conspiracy and of political questioning, They Live is another real proof that you don't need big alien CGI saucers or laser guns for it to be good. It starts out kinda slow but once it get's going, it get's in to strong acting and some nice scenes of bad ass action. Overall, it's a entertaining movie and also an underrated cult classic to watch. Recommended !!