The Animals Film

The Animals Film

The film offers a comprehensive examination of the exploitation of animals in modern society.

The film offers a comprehensive examination of the exploitation of animals in modern society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brody M (ag) wrote: I can't put into words how unfunny I think this movie was.I watched about 5 minutes & just couldn't stand to watch anymore.A $1 wasted & 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back again

Andrew B (de) wrote: I want to know who's bright idea it was to place a golf motif in a gay movie. Oh wait, that would be Charlie David, the writer AND star of the film "Mulligans". Tyler brings home his seemingly typical college bro, "Chase", to meet his family at their luxurious summer vacation home when school lets out. As the season goes on Chase gets closer to the family and eventually his orientation is exposed. Everyone seems fine with that, especially "Nathan", Tyler's father, who for some reason thinks the best time to let out 20+ years of sexual repression is now, and with his son's best friend. The rest of the story follows the linear path one would expect this forbidden affair to take. Family finds out; everyone yells; the entire Davidson household is left in shambles... etc. What makes even less sense is the ending, in which Daddy runs away to find himself and everyone just seems okay with it. Not the typical way one would think a family would react to a situation, but not entirely unplausible either. Just kinda funny to see Tyler and Chase being buddies again at the end. "Hey bro! Steelers were awesome last game! Thanks for screwing my dad and helping him find himself. Now my mother who was already teetering on the ledge of a mental breakdown is having to tell my sister that he was living a complete lie, and guess what, THE LIE WAS US! But ya know what? We're still chill 'bout it all! Catch-up with ya at the next tailgate!"Ridiculous story aside, its clear that this flick had higher production values than most other films of gay cinema with some moderately convincing acting, decent screenplay, and a workable, yet overused soundtrack. The main problem is that the conflicted character, Nathan, is pushed aside for most then entire movie in favor of Chase. Sure, he is the sex appeal of the film, but he's really not, or shouldn't, be the focus here. Essentially, the overall movie isn't "bad", it just the poor source material brings everything else down with it. The story is unique , but its improper presentation makes it utterly unconvincing, and even laughable at times. I think, no wait, I KNOW I would have had a better experience with Charlie if he had just written and starred in his own porno.

Andy P (ru) wrote: What a piece of shit. Total low-budget, Z-grade rubbish, so it's funny as hell.

Rebecca S (it) wrote: The book was entertaining...

Carlos C (nl) wrote: Una pelicula de Zombies tipica, mala copia de exterminio, finalmente no logran detener el vorus, tiene escenas muy malas, como pretenden que dos personas puedan luchar con 100 zombies a puo limpio, demasiado ilogica, es cierto que estas peliculas son ilogicas pero esto ya es el colmo.

Jason M (gb) wrote: After reading such great reviews about this film by critics for so long, I was thrilled to finally watch it. It shows up on many top critics' lists as one of the greatest films of its genre. I had recently seen "My Neighour Totoro" and enjoyed it immensely.I was let down. This is so far overrated by the groupthink of critics that are afraid to step out of the box to go against the grain of their elitist community. It is still a great movie. However, it is nowhere near my expectation of a 10/10.The film is well written, well produced and has some stunning visuals. The animation is a little too "choppy" for my comfort. The depth of the story and characters are very strong, definitely making this a great animated film. The story is complex and pure fantasy. This is not Disney fare. However, the story became too complex for my taste. The beauty of My Neighbour Totoro was the simplistic aesthetic of the story. This plot has 2-3x more characters and plot twists that are largely left unexplained. The film is bizarre. Much more so than My Neighbour Totoro, which was likely the most bizarre children's film I had ever seen. This would never have been produced in America as it is so far off the historical, Hollywood box office formula for children's movies. Spirited Away should be a benchmark for other animators to follow. I believe it will hold its place in the history of animation for decades to come and could very well be an epic, if it is not one already.

Rob M (gb) wrote: 10 years has made world of difference for this movie for me. One can actually see our world in another 10 years in this film. Fantastic long shots put you on the edge of your seats. I found my self holding my breath. There us a scene that will completely move you to tears and awe towards the end of this excellent film.

Ferdi A (gb) wrote: Although it lacks in shock value and thrills that the original Sleepaway Camp obviously had going for it, this comedy sequel takes a perfect direction with even bloodier and gorier death scenes as the body count doubled in comparison with the original. Pamela Springsteen did a bang up job as Angela, her portrayal is slightly better than Felissa Rose in the original but not by far. The characters were over the top and there were many funny parts that cracked me up. The nice references, touches and winks to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre were great! As far as watchability goes, this sequel is more watchable as its predecessor. Characters were fleshed out better and the acting was definitely an improvement. The dark humor in it worked just perfect but its not considered scary or surprising in my books as opposed to the original. Definitely a fun and campy comedy slasher with awesome deaths, nice 80s metal, a totally awesome Pamela Springsteen, fun characters and some witty dark humor. Not a movie I would consider 'great' by any means but it does offer exactly what it promises and then some! The ending was not very effective but I was not bored a second watching this movie!

Christian H (au) wrote: award-winning & historic cinematic classic from 1941 that I've been hunting for years. Phenomenal acting by Orson Welles. What an epic.

Niall E (jp) wrote: Fine. Knows it's a repeat. Funny bits.

Paul G (ag) wrote: Pretty cool film, nice plot, a little easy to figure out. I liked some of the tricks he plays on the villains.