The Anniversary

The Anniversary

Mrs Taggart always celebrates her anniversary with her grown sons. It’s a tradition practised since the death of her husband and she is determined for it to continue. None of her three sons have dared to cross their ruthless domineering mother but this anniversary they intend to try. With cruel and brutal twists, the family get-together becomes a social nightmare beyond endurance.

Three sons who work in the family construction business help their overbearing mother celebrate her anniversary to her late husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan A (de) wrote: You know there are two types of Peter Jackson fans, ones that prefer his new movies and the ones that prefer his older work. I much prefer his first five films, to anything else he has done. I don't hate his new stuff but I just don't see where all the praise is coming from? Maybe it's just me, well no, I know there's others out there like me. Out of Jackson first five films, I only dislike one of them but even that one had a great scene. Peter Jackson was really striving to become a major filmmaker, well atleast a very passionate one. Brain Dead/Dead Alive is his 3rd feature and in my opinion, by far his best film to date. Jackson made this film on very tiny budget, around 2 million dollars. He set out to make the bloodiest, most over the top movie ever filmed. I've seen Dead Alive over twenties times and I'm pretty sure he succeeded, incase your didn't know, Dead Alive holds the world record for the most blood used on a movie production. And it's not CGI blood either, actually over 10,000 gallons of blood were used in the final scene alone. That's alot of gore and splatter. I've seen alot cult classics and bloodbath scenes and nothing really comes close to Dead Alive. Though, it's been brought to my attention that a new more recent movie beat it's blood count, I search the internet and can't seem to get this comfirmed? maybe it's just a rumor? who knows? anyways, I seriously doubt it's more entertaining than the movie which I'm reviewing. Dead Alive has everything a gorehound/zombie freak could want or need. I still remember the first thought I had after seeing this, what the hell did I just watch? I had to see it again to make sure. There's so many shocking and laugh out loud moments here, this movie had no limits on it's humor. I almost questioned Jackson genius here, but that was only because it was so insane, I would have never thought of some the stuff contain within this flick. Actually when this film was released in theaters in New Zealand, people were handed a barf bag to go with their movie ticket lol. Dead Alive did set the standard in many ways for future splatterfest movies and none have ever succeeded it. The story of Dead Alive is kinda simple, it's a story about guy named Lionel, who lives at home with his mother. His mother is very controlling and obsessive but Lionel loves her more than anything. Well, until one day he meets a girl named Paquita (it's pronounced Pa-keet-tah) They both fall for each other rather quickly, and one day they plan to take a trip to the local zoo. Lionel's mother is suspicious of her son and follows him there. While watching her son interact with his new love, Lionel's mother is biten by a Samatran Rat Monkey (These don't exists I ensure you, they come from Skull Island. Skull Island doesn't exists either unless you believe in King Kong) Lionel comes home to find out his mother is ill and was bitten. Lionel tries to take care of his mother the best he can but it seems pointless. Eventually Lionel's mother dies.... but not for long, she becomes one of the undead and tries to eat everything made of flesh, that she can get her hands on. This is a very chaotic situation for our hero Lionel, he loves his mother even after she turned into Zombie. He tries his best to take care of her and keep her away from others, it's kinda hard to do this when she's even tring to eat him. Finally Lionel's mom bites someone else and then the virus spreads like wildfire. Lionel does his best to keep this epidemic under wraps and does a pretty good job until his uncle comes along. How this story unfolds is one the most outrageous things I've ever seen. I wouldn't call this the most over the top movie of all-time, for nothing. Dead Alive contains my favorite bloodbath scene ever, all I'm gonna say is it involves a party full of zombies and good ol' lawnmower. I consider Dead Alive my 2nd favorite zombie movie and my favorite zombie comedy. Any fan of George Romero zombie movies, Shaun of The Dead, Evil Dead Triology, Return of The Living Dead, or even Demons, should enjoy the hell out of this! I highly recommend this and encourage you to watch it has soon as possible. Leave me some feedback on what you thought. Oh, you'll have to buy your own barf bag haha.

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